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Walking the damp upper corners of America
Walking the damp upper corners of America
This mysterious Oregon forest awakens hope in a local writer.
The unexpected loveliness of the song of the varied thrush reminds the author that the birds are on the move, driven by climate change.
Six Good Places
David Oates ranges from the Sierra Nevada to Aix-en-Provence as he considers the particular qualities that make a place worth living in.
A teacher asks his students and the rest of us to imagine: What would the world be like if we had the courage to use our imaginations?
What we love will save us
What we love will save us
In troubled political times, go to the mountains.
Denial grips the Republican fringe
The writer says radical extremists are skewing the values of the Republican Party
Empty pods and pleasant graveyards
In today’s surrealistic world, where language exists only to sell things, barren desert suburbs have names like "Lake Forest" and "WillowDale," while a graveyard is called "Pleasant Valley Cemetery."
Nature is not a club to bash people with
The writer says he’s a nature writer who’s gay and that’s no big deal
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