Items by David Feela

A doubter’s approach to the bagging dilemma
Neighbors who visit my backyard in the dead of night
There are too many unwanted backyard horses
There are too many unwanted backyard horses
The tale of the neglected domestic horse is a tragic one.
Don't lock us out of our land
Don't lock us out of our land
The author is unhappy when he finds a favorite Forest Service camping area closed and locked.
Shifting gears to a brave new world of Lycra
Shifting gears to a brave new world of Lycra
Is it possible to buy a new mountain bike without buying tons of other stuff?
Live fee or die
Live fee or die
User fees for public land keep rising, even as campground hours and services are cut.
Off the road again
Off the road again
Americans have always romanticized being "on the road" like Jack Kerouac, but these days it would be more interesting to journey off the road -- without cars.
I’ve got the power
In a house filled with your standard American gadgets, David Feela tracks his electricity usage – and is properly horrified.
Scooter blues: When you're environmentally correct and get no respect
The writer drives an efficient scooter — taking a ride on the mild side
Praise the Lord and pass the pancakes
The writer almost gets lost inside the dreaded Buffet Triangle
The trailers of Montezuma County
The writer lives in a trailer and loves what it represents: frugality and the weird fact that it comes with wheels but rarely moves
Buying used gets him enthused
The writer hunts for recycled bargains and revels in the chase
Breaking for freedom in the New West
The writer feels a certain kinship with a fenced-in neighbor’s horse
John Muir, go home
The writer finds camping to be anything but solitary these days
The ego has landed on the California coast
David Feela says castle-like homes show insecurity and conspicuous consumption
Risk important in outdoor adventures
Risk important in outdoor adventures
A winter drive into oblivion
During a long drive through a Western blizzard, times seems to come to a stop as you wonder whether you will ever make it home – in safety –a gain.
When whiteouts in winter seem like forever
On the road in a snowstorm, time seems to stop, and you sometimes wonder if you will ever get home again.
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