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Landmark timber deal stops Seattle sprawl
Overwhelmed by development in this bedroom community near Seattle, the town of Snoqualmie finds an ally in the Evergreen Forest Trust, which has purchased a huge tree farm that will enable logging to continue, and block sprawl.
Development threatens historic town
Critics say that Washington's Growth Management Act failed to do its job in protecting small towns like Roslyn, which will soon see its population quintupled by the development of the MountainStar Resort.
Buying into salmon recovery
"The Chinook Book" directs Northwestern consumers to make use of the region's salmon-friendly restaurants, recreation, food and household products.
An energy boom hits Northwest towns
Sumas, Wash., residents stopped permit approval of a proposed gas-fired power plant their city council had welcomed, but National Energy Service Co. will refile, addressing environmental concerns, and this time it may go through.
Suburban sprawl hits tribal land
The tribes of the Tulalip Indian Reservation, Wash., alarmed by sprawling development, have made an agreement with the county to preserve reservation land, but some say it isn't strong enough.
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