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'Thrillcraft' leave a polluted, contentious wake
Across the country, conservationists battle the rapidly growing use of noisy, motorized water "thrillcraft," such as jet skis and power boats.
Coffee is bad for birds
Migrating songbirds are threatened as Mexican and Central American coffee plantations cut down shade trees to increase the coffee yield.
The West braces for the big melt
The West has had one of its wettest winters ever, and as the snow keeps falling in the high country, fear of flooding arises.
Hopis extend eviction deadline
The April 1 deadline for Navajos still living on Hopi Partitioned Lands in Arizona passes without the feared evictions, but the Hopis say the remaining Navajos still need to sign a lease or leave.
Bringing back the small family farm
A handbook called "Rebirth of the Small Family Farm," by Bob and Bonnie Gregson, offers advice for would-be organic farmers.
BLM ditches law-enforcement rules
Following complaints, the BLM withdraws new "plain English" regulations on the agency's law-enforcement authority.
Cows aren't "wild and scenic'
A federal judge orders cattle off Oregon's Donner und Blitzen River, saying the BLM has failed to protect 75 miles of the wild and scenic river.
Planes beat out quiet
The federal Aviation Administration bows to the protests of air tour operators, and delays setting up new flight-free zones over Grand Canyon until next year.
It's cows as usual in Oregon
State officials are racing to draw up "emergency" grazing rules so ranchers can turn their cows out as usual this spring.
Will an elusive cat evade federal listing?
A very rare sighting of a jaguar by a rancher in southern Arizona rekindles a debate about whether to list the animal as endangered or find another way to protect it.
Tarnished trophies
PEER's report, "Tarnished Trophies," documents how safari hunters bring exotic and endangered animals into the U.S. as game trophies.
Tepee blockade spurs talks
A Navajo tepee blockade at Mobil Oil Corp. offices near Aneth, Utah, leads to concessions from the company, which activists say has long exploited the reservation without giving anything back to the tribe.
Boats may get bounced
Jet skiers and those who rent and sell machines to them are irate over a possible ban of the noisy watercraft from Lake Tahoe.
A-LP makes a hit list
Colorado's Animas-La Plata project makes a Washington, D.C., "corporate welfare" hit list, while the Southern Ute Tribal Council ousts outspoken A-LP opponent Ray Frost over allegations of sexual harassment.
Lost and found
The fires of summer 1996 in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park damaged at least one petroglyph panel beyond repair - but also revealed 92 "new" archaeological sites formerly hidden by dense shrub growth.
Hunters need young blood
The number of young hunters is dropping, recent surveys report.
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