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Wolves have a reputation that’s larger than life
Some hunters are blaming the Big Bad Wolf for a decline in the northern Yellowstone elk herd, but Dan Whipple points out that recent weather – and Montana hunting policy – are more likely to be responsible.
National grasslands up for review
Conservationists say a draft environmental impact statement on Northern Plains grasslands opens up too much land to the oil and gas industry.
A flagship forest in Wyoming shifts away from timber
In the Bridger-Teton National Forest, timber is losing and wildlife and recreation may be winning.
The fatal accident: An Indian, a coyote and readers come to the rescue
"I saw God when I worked for High Country News, and it surprises me that I have never been mentioned in the voluminous literature on the subject."
Montana fears Wyoming's 'water shovel'
Wyoming and Montana are apparently approaching gridlock as they try to work out the details of apportioning water from the Yellowstone River Basin under the Yellowstone Compact.
Missiles, men and Armageddon
The Rockies and Great Plains are home to virtually all of the United States' land-based nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).
Playing presidential politics in Colorado ski country
Gary Hart, Colorado's senior senator and the Rocky Mountain West's own presidential candidate, talks conservation in Snowmass Village.
They built it with silver and gold
The water brought from the Colorado River by the $3.4 billion Central Arizona Project will be expensive.
Selling every seat in the House -- and Senate
Widespread use of political action committees, a relatively new phenomenon on the American political scene, is driving politics in many Western states.
The puzzle of the Rocky Mountain high
Does the Rocky Mountain identity really exist? Do people here feel the pull of regionalism like, say, midwesterners or New England natives?
All MXed up in Cheyenne
The basic paradox of the powerful nuclear weapons that reside in Cheyenne, Wyo. and other Western locales is that they are too powerful to be used. But if this is so, they lose all their strategic and diplomatic value -- so we have to keep threatening to use them.
The MX finds its home in the West
President Reagan announced Monday night that the controversial MX missile would be deployed at Warren Air Force Base near Cheyenne, Wyoming.
The Best and Worst of the West in Congress
A review of the West's congressional delegates, based on how well they accomplished their own agendas, regardless of whether they were pro- or anti-environment.
A talk with James Watt
An HCN exclusive interview with Interior Secretary James Watt during a visit to Lander, Wyo.
Rain, rain, go away
Acid rain, which could be exacerbated by oil and gas development, is harming lakes in Colorado and elsewhere in the West.
A $40 million pork barrel
The water bill passed by Wyoming's 1982 Legislature is being criticized by environmental groups, who say it lacks comprehensive, long-term water planning.
Oil shale: no tears, but lots of tangle
Oil shale is not dead, despite what the daily newspapers may say. The promise or threat of oil shale will always be with us.
Wilderness on the rocks
Environmentalists oppose bills, supported by snowmobiling and timber interests, that would establish more wilderness in Montana and Wyoming.
Trying a "Bold" land swap
Utah Gov. Scott Matheson is requesting a long-delayed federal public land swap, as well as other land exchanges to consolidate Utah's widely dispersed state lands into more manageable blocks.
Feds study nuke dump near Canyonlands
The U.S. Department of Energy may build a nuclear waste storage facility in Davis or Lavender canyons, near Utah's Canyonlands National Park.
Open pit and economic pendulum
As the West's uranium industry declines, it should reclaim mines, not wait for economics to swing back in the industry's favor.
Sickness and health ... or profit and loss
The changes that Congress makes to the Clean Air Act when the act is renewed are sure to have an effect on the Rocky Mountain West.
Cattle, cussing and cowboys
HCN editor Dan Whipple follows a cattle drive in Utah's Uinta Mountains.
A mountain of money above a not-so-fruitful plan
When the Anaconda Copper Co. closed its Anaconda, Mont., smelter in October, the community appealed to the state for help in keeping the town alive. But the state's response has been disappointing.
Blowing it: 'ecotage' in Jackson Hole
Sabotage of an oil and gas exploration rig outside Jackson, Wyoming, raises questions that divide the environmental community.
Earth First! says it's time to be tough
Editor Dan Whipple examines and critiques the roots and new tactics of the radical environmental group Earth First!
Wyoming loses million on ore tax
Because of outdated tax assessment methods, the state of Wyoming has lost about $10 million in uranium severance tax payments since 1977.
Prime wild lands open to oil and gas
The U.S. Forest Service has recommended opening to oil and gas leasing several Wyoming and Montana areas being considered for wilderness designation, and inserting environmental protections into the leases may be illegal.
Companies not leaping for synfuel subsidies yet
President Jimmy Carter's proposals to provide incentives for the production of synthetic fuels from coal have generated little new activity from companies involved in synfuel production.
OSM pressured to okay mine on Navajo land
Despite serious reservations at the federal Office of Surface Mining, political pressure may force the approval of a coal strip mine on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.
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