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Lessons from the mountains to the stormy seas
The writer reminds us that nature bats last
Running for cover on the Rio Grande
Refuges such as the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge are among the few scattered fragments of habitat left in Texas' Lower Rio Grande Valley.
What is poisoning border babies?
Terrible birth defects among newborns in the Lower Rio Grande Valley may be caused by agricultural and industrial pollution, but no one knows for sure.
Bart: Still a trooper
Bart, the famous acting grizzly, is the spokesbear for Colorado State University's Animal Cancer Center's new research facility, following the bear's own recent brush with cancer.
One forest takes on roads
Forest Service engineer Annie Connor began her career building roads and now heads the Clearwater National Forest's road-obliteration program.
Poisoning a stream back to life
A plan to avoid listing the westslope cutthroat trout as an endangered species would poison a stream to kill all its non-native fish; Cherry Creek runs across Ted Turner's Montana ranch, but opposition to it and Turner, who favors the plan, has arisen.
A question of photography ethics
Photographer Stephen J. Krasemann is accused of baiting grizzly bears into his backyard so he could take pictures he then sold to "National Wildlife" magazine.
Cougars too close for comfort
A growing number of human-mountain lion conflicts in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area near Missoula, Mont., has led officials to end a ban on hunting the big cats there.
Wolf wars enter next round
Environmental groups formerly at odds rally against Judge William Downes' decision ordering the removal of all the introduced wolves.
Still no deal for New World Mine
The Clinton administration is still scrambling to find the $65 million worth of federal property to pay off the Crown Butte Mining Co. and keep it from going ahead with its New World Mine on the Yellowstone border.
Earth First! The Next Generation
The radical environmental group Earth First! feels some growing pains as a new and younger generation begins to replace the original activists.
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