Items by Dan Egan

Begging bears are back in Idaho
Entrepreneur Mike Ferguson opens "Yellowstone Bear World" in Rexburg, Idaho, aiming to recreate the old "begging bear" days of the 1950s Yellowstone for today's tourists.
A cellular call of the wild
The installation of cellular transmitters in Yellowstone National Park means hikers can now use cellular phones on the trails.
Marvel ups the ante
Conservationist Jon Marvel bid against rancher Mike Ward over a 10-year lease, raising the fee to $12,050, then folded and declared victory.
Yellowstone: Geysers, grizzlies and the country's worst smog
Winter tourists on snowmobiles are giving Yellowstone National Park the worst air pollution in the country.
Did Idaho libel the feds?
A newly released tape of the encounter of three federal agents with Idaho rancher Eugene Hussey over the killing of a wolf proves that the "feds" were not aggressors.
Booming county looks for trust
Idaho communities learn about land trusts as a possible solution to rapid growth.
'Marvel'ous auction in Idaho
Conservationist Jon Marvel loses bid to rancher at a state-land grazing auction in Idaho Falls.
Idaho group takes over some public land
Jon Marvel of Idaho Watersheds Project outbids ranchers for grazing lease on state land.
1872 Mining Law comes calling on Sun Valley
The possibility of a new gold mine near Sun Valley ski area in Idaho causes a controversy over land use priorities.
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