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Explosive issue: plan to 'bomb' Bob Marshall
A plan to detonate explosives in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness in a search for oil and gas deposits has sparked anger among environmentalists and words of caution from federal officials.
Montanans face turmoil next election
Montana's congressional delegation may be going through major changes this year after almost two decades of stability under the combined leadership of Democratic Senators Mike Mansfield and Lee Metcalf.
Rocky Mountain timber cut to drop
The U.S. Forest Service has warned that by the end of the century, timber harvest on the national forests of the Rocky Mountain West will drop by eight percent or more.
Restoring a dam disaster
Years after the construction of the Libby Dam on the Kootenai River in Montana forced a re-routing of a Burlington Northern rail line, the area cleared for the rail line remains an open sore on the land.
The Flathead - a wild river in danger
Montana's Middle Fork Flathead River flows through the proposed Great Bear Wilderness, but a Wild and Scenic designation for the river itself may be needed to stave off future dam construction.
Senator reviews history
The National Park Service may be going "back to the drawing board" to improve its newest wilderness proposals after a history lesson about the Wilderness Act from Senator Frank Church (D-Idaho) at a hearing before the Senate Subcommittee on Public lands.
Tribute to a conservationist
Guy M. Brandborg of Hamilton, Mont., is a forester of the old school. He is one of that breed which had as its contemporaries such giants as Aldo Leopold and Bob Marshall, and he may one day be remembered as one with them.
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