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Coalition ushers a mine off sacred ground
A coalition of Indian tribes and the Sierra Club finally shuts down Arizona Tufflite's White Vulcan Mine in the San Francisco Peaks, which produced pumice for stone-washed jeans on land Indians hold sacred.
Uranium mines and mills may have caused birth defects among Navajo Indians
Down the dusty back roads of the Navajo Nation, scientists are tracking an invisible killer which may be responsible for the maiming of hundreds of Navajo children.
The West is not immune to acid rain
Possible adverse effects of acid rain in the West include damage to high mountain lakes, forests and fisheries, the leaching of toxic heavy metals from mine and mill wastes into public drinking water supplies, and the deterioration of archaeological ruins.
Utah Governor declares war on a Canyonlands nuclear dump
Utah Governor Scott Matheson flatly opposes the Department of Energy's proposal to bury high-level nuclear wastes just outside Canyonlands National Park.
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