Items by Christine Hoekenga

3:10 to Baghdad
In the desert outside of Yuma, Ariz., the United States military prepares for overseas combat.
Going Native
A unique training program helps the Army Corps of Engineers work better with tribes
Stretching the notion of neighbor
Rev. Peter Sawtell crusades for eco-justice throughout the West from his church in Denver.
Betting on the house
In Las Vegas, the Bureau of Land Management offers up cheap land for affordable housing.
Worker fallout
Some sick workers from Rocky Flats nuclear weapons plant may receive compensation quickly, but most must wait
Highlighting Western heritage
A proposed national heritage area in southern Arizona would draw attention to unique landscapes and thousands of years of tradition
Literary trivia of the West
Test your knowledge with a Western literary trivia quiz.
Hatching a plan for sage grouse
A new report suggests the battle to protect the greater sage grouse in Wyoming must be fought on many fronts.
The road more traveled
A Utah road may become a test case for county rights of way on public lands.
Dear friends
New HCN interns Christine Hoekenga and James Yearling; visitors; correction.
Free range
The Bureau of Land Management exempts grazing permit renewals and other activities from environmental oversight.
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