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WTO limps home from Seattle
Protesting environmentalists and labor unions seem to be the only winners at the end of the tumultuous meeting of the World Trade Organization in Seattle, Wash.
Western environmentalists go global
As many as 50,000 protesters are expected at the World Trade Organization conference in Seattle, Wash., demanding that global trade rules must take into account environmental, labor, safety and human rights protections.
Timber takes a hit
In the Northwest, timber targets fall again as the Forest Service tries to fine-tune the Northwest Forest Plan.
Ice Bump survives congressional ax
The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project (ICBEMP, or Ice Bump) lives through a Republican-led attempt to kill it in Congress.
Ecosystem management hits 'Ice Bump' in the road
The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project is more ambitious than the Northwest Forest Plan and seems to be facing even more problems.
A patchwork peace unravels
The uncertain truce set up by Pres. Clinton's 1993 Northwest Forest Plan is threatened by dissatisfaction as environmentalists, loggers and scientists still fight over remaining old growth and cannot agree how best to manage the forests.
Tribes strike back at mining
The Confederated Tribes on the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington are fighting the planned Buckhorn Mountain gold mine, despite the economic benefits such a mine could bring to the tribes.
A run at sustainable development
Environmental activist and entrepreneur Michael "Buffalo" Mazzetti is marketing bottled water from Washington's Buckhorn Mtn. to prove that the mountain has economic value without being the site of a gold mine.
Excavating Ecotopia
Washington's Okanogan County is divided between those who support Battle Mountain Gold's planned Buckhorn Mtn. mine for its economic promise, and local and Native American activists fighting what they see as impending ecological disaster.
Fast flux on a fast track
Even as Washington state officials complain about the slow pace of cleanup at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, the Department of Energy wants to restart nuclear weapons production there.
Trees and children win
Washington conservation groups are seeking to come up with the money to buy Loomis State Forest and thus save it from logging.
Cousin to mad-cow disease hits deer, elk
Chronic wasting disease, a relative of mad-cow disease, is killing deer and elk in Colorado and Wyoming.
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