Items by Chip Giller

A journalist, and much more
Writer and organic farmer Donella Meadows is remembered as a journalist, and much more.
Wyden squeaks in
Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden wins narrowly over Republican Gordon Smith in the election to replace Sen. Bob Packwood.
Clinton says: Stop logging
President Clinton says the salvage rider to the rescissions bill he signed in July has opened up the wrong forests to logging.
Logging deal struck in Southwest
Some timber cutting resumes on the Southwestern national forests where logging was halted by a recent federal injunction.
Babbitt protests a $1 billion giveaway
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt denounces the 1872 Mining Law for forcing him to sign over 110 acres of Idaho land worth $1 billion to a Danish mining company for $275.
We don't crack the whip
"Colony and Empire: The Capitalist Transformation of the American West" by William G. Robbins is reviewed.
Save wild connections
"Places of the Wild: A Wildlands Anthology" is reviewed.
Sue stays put
The Supreme Court ruled that FBI agents acted correctly when they confiscated a valuable allosaur fossil, nicknamed "Sue," in South Dakota.
Rocky Mountain Naturalist
Radiant Days: Writings by Enos Mills contains essays by the "Father of Rocky Mountain National Park."
The BLM: New faces and new attitudes
New appointees at the BLM reflect a change in the agency.
Parks as cash cows
Concessionaires make huge profits from parks.
Greens under attack
David Helvarg's book The War Against the Greens documents violence against environmentalists.
Ranchers blamed for transfer of BLM veteran
BLM land manager Darrel Short blames ranchers for forced transfer.
Wilderness Act at 30
The Wilderness Act Handbook is reissued by The Wilderness Society.
Timber industry takes a stand
The timber industry responds to the Sierra Club's book, Clearcut, with its side of the story in its own book, Closer Look.
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