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Native Americans gather to defend homelands
More than 1,000 Native Americans met at Mount Taylor in New Mexico to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Indigenous Environmental Network.
Navajos may say no to nuclear waste
While Congress argues over whether Yucca Mountain, Nev., will store nuclear waste by 2003, Navajo activists urge the reservation to become a "nuclear-free" zone and forbid the waste to be transported across it.
Hopis tell Navajos: 'Lease or leave'
A thousand resistant Navajos have been ordered to vacate Hopi land by April 1, in an attempt to finally resolve a land dispute between the two tribes that has caused years of anguish and anger.
Uranium poisons Navajo neighborliness
Local Navajos lead the fight against Hydro Resources Inc.'s plan to leach uranium from groundwater at three sites on or near the Navajo Reservation.
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