Items by Candace Burns

Listening for wolf howls
Wolf activist Suzanne Laverty teams with outfitter Travis Bullock to lead tourists on trips in Idaho's wolf country.
When regulations are lax, s--- happens
Malfunctioning septic systems in eastern Idaho are contaminating ground water.
Rocks, invective, and generosity
A profile of rancher Eugene Hussey reveals a man who has often had trouble with authority.
Wolf killing will never be solved
The details of the deaths of both the slain wolf and the calf it was found eating remain a mystery.
Wolf lovers give Idaho sheriff a piece of their mind
Idaho's Lemni County Sheriff Brett Barsalou gets a lot of response, both pro and con, for saying wolf-killing was justified.
Freed wolves roam up to 20 miles a day
The 14 wolves reintroduced in Idaho give Fish and Wildlife trackers a run for their money.
From freedom to FedEx: Wolf B13 killed
Nine days after her release in Idaho, a reintroduced wolf is killed when she attacks a calf.
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