Items by Bryan Foster

New Mexico Greens lose steam
The recent decline in support for the New Mexico Green Party seems to have no effect on the hopes of its candidates or the anxiety of the state's Democratic party, which sees the Greens as spoilers.
The other firefighters
Fire-proofing houses is a thriving new business in Durango, Colorado's fire-prone forests, but the only real solution to the problem is to quit building in the urban-wildland interface, many say.
No ranchettes for the rest of us in Jackson
Jackson, Wyo., citizens have rejected a development planned for a ranch near the town, but the problem of where to house people in resort towns - especially working people - won't go away.
Collaboration may prevent conflagration in Santa Fe
The Santa Fe Watershed Partners Group is working with the Santa Fe National Forest to find an environmentally sensible way to thin and burn a New Mexico forest that has become a fire hazard.
Longtime foes practice ritual combat in an Idaho forest
The writer goes to central Idaho to visit the heart of the longest-standing Earth First! demonstration, protesting the Cove-Mallard timber sale.
Forcing the spring
Forcing the Spring by Robert Gottlieb looks at devleopment of natural and human environmental movements.
Will plan save or destroy the grizzly?
Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan may end up in court.
Some dams self-destruct
Some dams will be easy to get rid of.
Draft plan foresees a freer-flowing Colorado River
Draft EIS proposes stabilizing water flows through Glen Canyon Dam
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