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PRO: Sen. Tester's Montana bill is a true collaborative effort
PRO: Sen. Tester's Montana bill is a true collaborative effort
Montana's wildlands as well as its people are well served by the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act.
Drained rivers rouse Montana
During the droughty summer of 1988, irrigators sucked many Montana streams dry. The backlash could re-order the way the state manages water.
Group says coal tax cut hurts Montana
According to a February report published by the Western Organization of Resource Councils, the new tax rates have significantly reduced state income and not produced new jobs.
Butte comes out of the pit
Butte, Montana is finding, under the leadership of an energetic chief executive, that there is life after mining.
The legacy of Montana's pioneers
How the copper under Butte, Montana, turned the Clark Fork into an industrial ditch.
Montana's Clark Fork River: An industrial drain
The Clark Fork of the Columbia has been neglected and abused for decades, and is only now gaining the attention of people who are determined to bring it back to life.
Mining rears its head again in Montana
Despite grim times, it appears that reports of the death of Montana's hardrock mining industry have been greatly exaggerated.
Williams pushes hard for a wilderness bill
Although Montana's conservationists are willing to cooperate with Democratic Rep. Pat Williams, development interests are not.
Ruminations on the ecology of wilderness trash
The great wilderness experience, at times, becomes a continuing obsession with inappropriately placed pop-tops, cigarette butts and Jiffy Pop tins. I am hopelessly addicted to collecting wilderness trash.
On playing mouse to a hungry wild cat
The lion now crouched directly in front of the truck, staring at me ...
Montana's fight with Burlington Northern goes on, and on
Hit with rising unemployment and a potential $60 million budget shortfall, Montana faces another economic setback from the state's only railroad.
A feisty, true-grit breed in Montana
One thing Northwest Montana conservationists share with their counterparts elsewhere is an inordinate fondness for paper: legal briefs, affidavits and reams of memos.
A still-wild chunk of America is vulnerable to development
When lumped together, Glacier National Park and the nearby Bob Marshall Wilderness are at the hub of one of the West's largest wild areas. Yet they face mining, logging and other threats.
A Montana river is pitted against 700 jobs
The debate has heated up in Montana over whether Champion International should be allowed to discharge treated wastewater year-round from its Frenchtown pulp mill into the Clark Fork River.
Mining may come to a wilderness
Taking advantage of the 1872 Mining Law and the exemption in the Wilderness Act, U.S. Borax and the American Smelting and Refining Company want to mine in Montana's Cabinet Mountains.
The West is being drafted
The Navy and Air Force are planning to convert 8,500 square miles of public air space in Nevada into a supersonic jet training area.
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