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New study questions how Greater Yellowstone bears are counted
New study questions how Greater Yellowstone bears are counted
Uncertainty over the health of grizzly population arises as officials consider removing it from the Endangered Species list.
Tribal religion trumps eagle protection
A recent court ruling on the ceremonial killing of eagles by American Indians collides with the Endangered Species Act, possibly sending the issue to the Supreme Court
A desperate move to protect cattle ranchers
Wyoming Game and Fish plans to test feedgrounds elk and slaughter any that are infected with brucellosis in order to keep the disease from spreading to cattle
Business booster still guides national park rules
Conservationists fear that the new National Park Service management policy will reduce environmental protection at the expense of commercial interests
Pombo takes on the Endangered Species Act
On his 12th attempt, Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif., succeeds in pushing a bill through the U.S. House designed to reform the Endangered Species Act and end critical habitat protection
Revealed — secret changes to park rules
The Park Service lands in hot water when Deputy Assistant Interior Secretary Paul Hoffman secretly rewrites the agency’s management manual, and the revision is leaked to the press
Gold mining proposed in historic South Passarea
A Canadian mining company, the Fremont Gold Corporation, plans to dig 200 test pits for a possible mining operation five miles from the South Pass National Historic Landmark in Wyoming, where wagon trains once traveled
Reckless rancher cuts sweet deal in D.C.
The Bush administration cuts a deal with Wyoming rancher Harvey Frank Robbins Jr., and orders the Worland BLM office to back off on enforcing grazing regulations
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