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Wayward wolf nabbed in Utah
"Wolf No. 253," from the Druid Peak Pack in Yellowstone’s Lamar Valley, is caught far from home when he steps into a leghold coyote trap, 30 miles northeast of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Greens not welcome in Escalante
Newcomers Patrick Diehl and Tori Woodward say they are being persecuted by some longtime Escalante, Utah, residents, because they are environmentalists who oppose construction of the New Wide Hollow Reservoir.
Tribe hopes to dam its way to jobs
Two dams proposed for Utah's Uinta Mountains, which would provide water and work for the Uintah Basin's Native Americans, face environmental opposition.
Battle likely over Utah wilderness
Utah environmentalists protest the wilderness bill introduced by Utah Republicans.
Counties may shrink Utah wilderness
Utah Gov. Leavitt's insistance that local communities must support new wilderness designation makes environmentalists nervous.
White Mesa Utes beat back Superfund tailings
White Mesa Utes defeat DOE's plans to dump hazardous waste on land surround their reservation.
A clash of cultures: tribal versus nuclear
A Native American cultural center on a hill called Avikan is threatened by a low-level radioactive waste dump.
City Slickers should leave wilderness rough
Movie makers leave land damaged after filming City Slickers II
Vandals destroy desert tortoise dens
Four dens of the endangered Mojave Desert tortoise have been deliberately destroyed.
Utah utility takes aim at Colorado air
Deseret Generation and Transmission Cooperative wants to quadruple sulfur dioxide emissions despite objections of neighbors.
Canyonlands, Arches are invaded from above
Helicopters a new problem for hikers in Utah.
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