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New life springs from tainted soil at a Denver school
A program called Volunteer-led Investigations of Neighborhood Ecology (VINE) introduces urban children to nature, as demonstrated by Denver's Garden Place Academy.
Salvage logging rider barrels into a shy seabird's world
Under the salvage logging rider, thousands of acres of habitat of the endangered marbled murrelet may be cut in coastal Washington and Oregon.
Silence could be shattered by military jets
The Colorado Air National Guard's plan to increase training flights over the Sangre de Cristo and Wet Mountains and the San Luis Valley upsets locals, including contemplative monks in Crestone.
Joyriding kills
Recklessness and speed killed nine snowmobilers last winter in Wyoming near Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.
Arizona state land opens for conservation
The new Arizona Preserve Initiative allows conservationists to lease state lands, but only those within a three-mile radius of major cities.
Salvage rider will destroy sacred sites
Native Americans and environmentalists protest a salvage rider timber sale on Oregon's Enola Hill, saying the area is full of sites sacred to Northwestern tribes.
'Boom' potential at Rocky Flats
A dangerous build-up of hydrogen gas at the closed Rocky Flats nuclear facility near Denver, Colo., has activists very worried.
Ellensburg wins back its beauty
A group of concerned Ellensburg, Wash., citizens succeeds in getting 12 tall, unsightly power poles removed from downtown.
Contradictions on the Columbia
Northwestern salmon advocates are shocked by Oregon's decision to extend a permit for Boeing Aviation to divert twice the amount of Columbia River water used yearly by the city of Portland.
Navajo role model
Diné CARE, the group monitoring environmental issues on the Navajo Nation, hires Christine Benally as its new director.
Dam destruction moves closer
The destruction of two dams on Washington's Elwha River comes closer to reality after President Clinton allots $11 million to the project.
Gold medal watchdog
The Olympic Watch League (OWL) keeps an environmental eye on the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.
Take a seat
University of Denver's Graduate School of Public Affairs will choose a professor to hold the Timothy E. Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy.
'Two weeks of hell' saves a stand of old-growth trees
Old growth in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest is saved when the Forest Service allows the timber company to exchange one timber sale for another.
Tribe fights salvage logging
The Klamath tribes of southern Oregon file a lawsuit to stop the salvage logging of traditional hunting and fishing grounds.
Clearing the air on the Colorado Plateau
The Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission gets ready to send the EPA its recommendation for restoring clean air to the Colorado Plateau.
A wet winter misses the Southwest
Although much of the West had an unusually wet winter, fires are already starting to rage across the dry Southwestern states.
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