Items by Betsy Marston

Scaredy-cats and dogs
And more oddities from Heard Around the West
Bright bears
And more oddities from Heard around the West
Gun gluttony
And more oddities from Heard around the West
Don't eat the yellow snow
And more oddities from Heard around the West
Tonopah, Nev. and its "Fighting Muckers"
And more oddities from Heard around the West
A coyote chorus
Nieman Marcus high end chicken coops
Deer assaults
Reporter assaults too
Pussycat kill kill!
Bird-killers run amok
Western Colorado wingnuts?
Church attendance incentives
China and coal
Too many electric car drivers in Colorado
Zombies and zombees
People are still feeding bears, too
National Park air fresheners
Hipster beards and hallucinating pot growers
Death Valley wins heat contest
Surprising football love in Northern California
Snakes and guns
Hunting wildlife with silencers and pythons
Wildlife-tracking drones
And sheep with heart monitors
Queen of the Old Timers
And mountain lions in eastern Montana
Aggressive, cat-eating lizards
Also, Representative Denny Rehberg loves Jesus statues
Goat man in the forest
And other Western goat tales
South Dakota disses Montana
John Edwards' mistress fit right in to Aspen
Food and poetry
Mark Bittman hearts Wendell Berry
Don't panic when removing fishooks and leeches
Survival tips, and wolf-hunting mountain lions
Wearing hummingbirds
The lengths bird watchers go to, and yes, Arizona is still crazy
Sea lion squatters in So-Cal
They're not as cute as they first seem; animal crimes
Rattlesnakes in Walmarts, deer in malls
Also, national forests are ready for terrorists
The Forest Service hearts explosives
Don't turn your back on a billy goat, either
Hot hot Arizona, stubborn obituaries
Also, bear and mountain lion encounters
How to dispose of frozen cows
It's harder than you think; plus transforming the seedy side of Las Vegas
Library-loving geese intimidate kids
Kind billboards and locals forgoing cash for mineral rights
Making roads out of toilets
Impatient drivers get comeuppance; livestock larceny
Don't shoot that grizzly; she's combing her hair
Vain bears and lawbreaking sheriffs
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