Items by Ben Long

Who is Ryan Zinke, really?
Who is Ryan Zinke, really?
Trump’s Interior secretary pick set high standards for himself, but his lofty promises to rural voters are a problem.
Why the Malheur verdict sets a dangerous example
Why the Malheur verdict sets a dangerous example
Lawyers “aimed too high” for a conspiracy charge—and lost it all.
Note to politicians: Don’t mess with fishing access in Montana
Note to politicians: Don’t mess with fishing access in Montana
A candidate for governor is drawing heat over revelations that he sued to close river access on the Gallatin River.
Meet the man who changed humans’ relationship with bears
Meet the man who changed humans’ relationship with bears
Montana biologist Chuck Jonkel, who recently passed away, invented bear spray — and saved bears in the process.
Dear Forest Service: Today’s John Muir shoots video
Dear Forest Service: Today’s John Muir shoots video
Let people take all the images they want in wilderness areas.
Green slime – coming soon to a lake near you?
Toxic algae blooms, the result of warmer temperatures, ag and septic runoff, are fouling lakes and ponds across America. Yuck.
How the BLM's communication style can backfire
Managers and the media can create controversy over public land where there shouldn't be.
Collaborative brings good news to Clearwater Country
Can a plan for the future of Idaho's Clearwater National Forest survive Washington D.C.?
Real bears get a helping hand from Hollywood
A bear trainer helps protect habitat for wild grizzlies through his organization, Vital Ground
Montana's Rep. Steve Daines warms up to conservation
A conservative reaches across the aisle to support the North Fork Watershed Protection Act
Man's (and livestock's) best friend
A Montana group trains dogs to keep predators and livestock out of trouble
Sally Jewell's Adventure of a Lifetime
The Interior Secretary nominee's background sets her apart from the vast majority of previous Secretaries. Is that good?
Obama should look to New Mexico for conservation legacy
If Congress won't act, the president should kickstart conservation in the Rio Grande del Norte
Trouble In Mind
Spending time in the forests reveals clues of climate change
Sportsmen given credit in Montana's Dem governor win
Neither political party can take the hunter/angler vote for granted
Sportsmen sealed reelection for Sen. Jon Tester
Montana senate race ended hinged on how well the candidates represented sportsmen
GOP risks much with its zeal to sell public estate
America’s public estate can be claimed as the legacy of both parties. In denying that legacy, the GOP is cutting its own throat
Pesticides and salmon: It ain't about the fish
Congress is short-sighted when it tries to add loopholes to the Farm Bill that remove clean water safeguards
Rinella aims for the impossible, scores a hit
Author, hunter and foodie Steven Rinella probes the question, when is it hunting right, and when is it wrong?
Will Utah clean up its sale of public wildlife?
Sportsmen are growing fed up with a system that lets private organizations pocket millions off the state's wildlife
Digital detox in the high Cascades
The digital revolution adds a new meaning to "getting away from it all."
Disney's Unlikely Heroine: The Huntress
Typically, Disney films feature unflattering stereotypes of brutish hunters and passive princesses. Brave is a delightful exception.
Aging mining law handcuffs the American West
Tucson, Ariz., is joining the list of western cities getting shafted by the out-of-date 1872 General Mining Law.
Anglers can be advocates for endangered fish
Anglers can be advocates for endangered fish
An early encounter with the wily bull trout teaches an angler lifelong respect for this rare fish, and for the Endangered Species Act that helps keep it alive.
Make anglers allies for endangered species
The Endangered Species Act is more flexible than it gets credit for, particularly for those who would eat endangered fish like bull trout
Earth Day -- Gone Fishin'
Sometimes, the best way to celebrate Earth Day is just enjoying Mother Nature.
Let's Put a Bounty on Stupid
Utah's costly anti-coyote effort is one of several biologically bankrupt schemes cooked up by Sportsmen for Wildlife
"Sportsmen" stab Theodore Roosevelt in the back
Well-connected Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife want to sell wildlife to the highest bidder
Climate debate hearkens back to days of the bison
Scientists' warnings, greedy special interests, a confused public: The climate change fight reflects efforts to save the bison 100 years ago
Boy Scout habitat takes a hit in Idaho
The Idaho Panhandle National Forest is in retreat over its longstanding support for the Mallard-Larkin Wilderness