Items by Becky Lomax

Throwing raptors into flight
Rob Domenech bands eagles, studies hawks and also works with at-risk kids
Leave only footprints, and turn the darn phone off
Cell phones have their uses, but they do not belong in the wilderness
Leave only footprints, and turn the darn phone off
The writer has a message for hikers in the backcountry: Turn your darned cell phone off!
Requiem for a messy small town
The writer lives in Whitefish, a town that’s grown rapidly rich
The last I looked, national parks weren’t zoos
The writer wishes visitors to Glacier and other national parks would leave their animal-viewing list at home
Bears in the backyard, oh my
The writer says too many grizzlies died last year
When does our garbage become archaeology?
The writer explores garbage on public lands and wonders what makes some of it archaeological treasures
Surprise: Snowmobiles aren’t completely evil
The writer finds that snowmobiles aren’t completely bad
More helicopters to buzz Glacier Park
Park managers plan to increase the number of agency helicopter and airplane flights over Glacier National Park this summer
Peace and quiet count in Glacier National Park
Becky Lomax says her bottom line is this: Air traffic mars the splendor of Glacier National Park.
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