Items by Barry Noreen

Another water project is drowned
The controversial Homestake II water project is defeated.
Rural area beats back water diversion plan
American Water Development Inc. loses battle for San Luis, Colo., water.
Colorado told to stop stealing water
Judge rules Colorado has been stealing Arkansas River water from Kansas for 45 years.
When ski areas fail, taxpayers clean up
Costly reclamation work on several defunct ski areas suggests that the Forest Service is too lax with applicants.
Colorado is likely to get a so-so wilderness bill
A Colorado wilderness bill abandons the 1964 Wilderness Act and compromises on water rights.
Colorado mining industry strikes again
According to the EPA, bonds from the Summitville Consolidated Mining Co. don't cover hazardous waste cleanup costs.
A small town fights a large mine
For more than 100 years, the last thing the people of Victor, Colo., would think of doing is to say "no" to gold mining. Now they are saying "whoa."
Grizzlies may be laying low in Colorado
Spurred by a reported sighting of a grizzly sow and three cubs last fall, a group of volunteers from four Western states has begun systematically combing the San Juan Mountains, hoping to prove the bears still survive in Colorado.
Wild horse killings are stirring Nevada
Close to 500 wild horses have been shot and left to decay in the Nevada desert over the last two years.
Two Forks will reach far into Nebraska
Two Forks pits the one million wings along the Platte River against a little more than a million acre-feet of water storage.
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