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Peregrines are in danger
Before the extensive and indiscriminate use of the pesticide DDT starting in 1946, the peregrine falcon was one of the most prolific and widespread birds of prey in the U.S.; now it is a recent addition to the endangered species list.
The limits to parks
Overpopulation in our national parks of the two-legged and 4-wheeled varieties threatens to destroy the very thing visitors come to see. Wilderness quality is rapidly being displaced by quantity in the growing numbers of visitors, vehicles and facilities in the parks.
Controversy in Jackson Hole
The congressional and presidential decision to finance a $2.2 million airport expansion to accommodate jets in Grand Teton National Park is an extension of an already flagrant violation of the park's stated conservation policy.
A need for Indian culture
Americans are beginning to rediscover their priceless Indian heritage, a movement driven in large part by a growing ethno-ecological sense that man's various cultures and peoples are parts of a unified whole.
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