Items by Andrew Melnykovych

A remembrance of William Penn Mott
When I heard that former National Park Service Director William Penn Molt died last month, my first thought was, "At least he lived long enough to see a wolf in Yellowstone."
James McClure shakes up the Senate, and the West
The surprise announcement by Sen. James McClure that he will not seek a fourth term had an earthquake-like effect on the relatively stable structure of Idaho's congressional politics.
Wyoming land for 'sale': only $2.68/acre
Nearly 30,000 acres of federal land in Wyoming have been sold to private owners in the last 12 years -- at an average price of $2.68 an acre, federal records show.
Bush negotiated a Western minefield to reach Lujan
Bush faced the nearly impossible task of trying to satisfy groups which have opposing philosophies of how to manage the federal lands administered by the Interior Department.
In the West, subsidy begets subsidy begets subsidy
Knowing that the history of water development in the West is marked by waste, fraud and assorted other abuses does not make it easier to accept new reminders that the government is pouring our money down some drain.
Somewhat more than half a loaf
Efforts to correct problems with oil and gas leasing on public lands have produced a confusing and often contradictory welter of legislation and court decisions that have left central issues unresolved.
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