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Plutonium in your potatoes?
Tests of four wells on the site of the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory reveal that minute traces of plutonium have leaked into the Snake River Aquifer.
Of bison, the French and our faux wild
As the Park Service struggles to radio-collar and control Yellowstone's wandering bison, the wildness of the animal is forgotten.
Small mines stay under the radar
Near Virginia City, Mont., and throughout the West, small mines face minimal regulation and oversight, and private landowners and the state are often left with huge cleanup costs and polluted streams.
Idaho labs blow another stack
Two conservation groups - Keep Yellowstone Nuclear Fre and Idaho's Environmental Defense Institute - are suing the DOE over radioactive waste treatment at the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory.
Political war continues over bison herd
Despite federal pressure, Montana refuses to budge on its policy of killing bison that stray from Yellowstone National Park, out of fear they may carry brucellosis.
Decision may help a granddaddy keep its teeth
The Montana Supreme Court's "clean environment" ruling may help clarify the Montana Environmental Policy Act, considered the "granddaddy" of the state's environmental laws.
Court reads the environment its rights
A precedent-setting legal ruling by the Montana Supreme Court says that Montana citizens have a right to a "clean and healthful" environment.
Hunters cry: too many predators
A new hunters' group called the Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd is blaming wolves for the recent drop in the population of the park's northern elk herd.
Court enforces a healthy environment
The Montana Supreme Court says that the provision in the state's constitution that guarantees residents "a clean and healthful environment" protects the state's natural resources from actual, proven damage and potential harm.
Tempers flare over winter plan
Bison biologist Mary Meagher joins conservationists, area business people and snowmobilers in denouncing Yellowstone National Park's new winter use plan.
Trappers set free in Big Sky state
The Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks approves new trapping regulations that critics say offer no real changes and continue to favor trappers.
A road could go there
Some conservationists say a proposed land exchange involving Montana's Lewis and Clark National Forest is a bad idea.
Earth First! The Next Generation
The radical environmental group Earth First! feels some growing pains as a new and younger generation begins to replace the original activists.
Earth First! logging protest evokes hostility in Idaho
Locals are wary of Earth First!ers in Idaho logging communities.
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