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The activist
Sarah Seeds, in her own words, describes her conversion from political businesswoman to committed full-time activist.
The innkeeper
Jean Lycan, a restaurant-motel owner in Dixie, Idaho, in her own words, describes the community's resentment of the protesters.
The pole-sitter
Scott Ward, a former seasonal Forest Service worker turned protestor, in his own words, describes his conversion.
Cove-Mallard: 'I'm just trying to right what I feel is wrong'
A reporter visits the Earth First! encampment near Dixie, Idaho, where protesters have been practicing civil disobedience for five years in an attempt to save the old growth of the controversial Cove-Mallard timber sales.
Nuclear waste deal challenged
Idaho State Sen. Clint Stennett accuses Gov. Phil Batt of abusing executive power by signing a nuclear waste deal with the federal government.
A full-court press to save ecosystems
Jasper Carlton, head of the Biodiversity Legal Foundation in Boulder, Colo., was "guerilla lawyering" to protect threatened species in court.
Unranchers get competitive
Environmentalists try to lease state lands that usually are given to ranchers.
Our hot legacy
The Department of Energy publishes a book, Closing the Circle on the Splitting of the Atom, about the problems of nuclear waste disposal.
Agency kills wolf by mistake
The Animal Damage Control program accidentally kills one of Idaho's newly reintroduced wolves in a coyote trap.
Not the whole story
Recent survey shows that 58 percent of Hells Canyon area residents support protecting the area's natural environment, even if jobs are at risk.
Soft energy may shred Wyoming raptors
A planned Kenetech wind turbine site in Wyoming may endanger the raptors that hunt and migrate in the area.
Hunter-harassment law stands
The Supreme Court refuses to overturn Montana's "hunter-harassment" law.
James Watt charged with felonies
Former Interior Secretary James Watt is indicted by a federal grand jury for lying to Congress and obstructing an investigation of fraud.
'Indifference' caused deaths
A report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration blames Forest Service and BLM "indifference" and "willful safety violations" for deaths of 14 firefighters in Colorado.
Grazing fees drop
Grazing fees decrease instead of being raised on federal lands.
Holy water
A part-time farmer in drought-stricken northeast Oregon founds "church" to obtain umlimited water use.
Called on the carpet
The new, Republican-dominated House Resources Committee lambasts Bruce Babbitt for reintroducing wolves in the West.
Wolves gain support
Seventy percent of Coloradoans would welcome the return of gray wolves to the state.
It takes a thief
The introduction of sea lampreys is one of many possibilities considered for controlling invasive lake trout in Yellowstone Lake.
So far, wolf reintroduction survives legal challenge
Legal wrangling over wolf reintroduction persists until the last minute.
Especially expensive agents
A Department of Interior audit accuses BLM's law enforcement division of extravagance.
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