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Forest Service building is torched by night raiders
The Oakridge Ranger Station in Oregon is destroyed by unknown arsonists.
Cows, ballot measure gunned down in Oregon
Small-town doctor and environmentalist Patrick Shipsey shoots 11 cows in John Day, Ore., and accidentally kills a ballot measure that would have removed cattle from polluted streams.
Polluted waters divide Oregon
The Oregon Clean Streams Initiative, if passed, would enact the toughest grazing restrictions in the West in an attempt to keep cattle from fouling the waters.
Big trees in Oregon continue to topple
Though forest activists have stopped some Oregon timber sales, elsewhere in the state the old growth continues to fall.
When the crackdown came
After almost a year of ignoring the protesters camped at Oregon's Warner Creek, the Forest Service moves in to make arrests on Aug. 16, 1996.
Last line of defense
The controversial salvage logging rider, signed by President Clinton a year ago, has been harassed throughout its short life by loud and growing protest - including civil disobedience.
Budget crisis may doom Oregon's state parks
More than 60 state parks in Oregon face closing - and possible selling off to developers - as victims of budget crisis.
Catron County's politics heat up as its land goes bankrupt
Catron County, N.M., the home of the county independence movement, is a study of contrasts - its people heavily dependent on the federal government and its land and rivers dying.
Playing politics or helping the range?
New Mexico State's Range Improvement Task Force has often been accused of being a front for the livestock industry.
Did the Forest Service burn New Mexico enviros?
Plans for salvage logging on New Mexico's Eagle Peak lead environmentalists to charge that the forest fire there was no accident.
The Diamond Bar saga goes on - and on
The Gila National Forest's decision authorizing 15 stock tanks on New Mexico's Diamond Bar allotment in a wilderness area is overturned by Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas.
Politics imperil Mexican wolf comeback
Intense opposition from ranchers and others may settle a federal proposal to reintroduce the endangered Mexican wolf to Arizona and New Mexico.
Catron County wins in court, loses on the ground
Catron County, N.M.'s land ordinances survive an environmental lawsuit, but fail to be enforced on the ground.
Traffic flow 1, trees 0
Residents of New Mexico's North Valley object to the felling of old cottonwoods to make way for a bridge over the Rio Grande designed to ease Albuquerque commuter traffic.
Hikers find bomb in wilderness
A pipe bomb discovered by hikers in July marks the fourth time a bomb or explosive has been found in the Gila Wilderness in the past 13 months.
Back at the Diamond Bar...
Ranchers Kit and Sherry Laney receive what environmentalists call a "paper cut" order to cut cattle numbers on the Diamond Bar Grazing Allotment, but will be allowed to up the numbers after fences and stock tanks are built.
Wolf revival spreads to Southwest
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announces a proposal to bring back the endangered Mexican wolf to southern New Mexico and southwest Arizona.
The Southwest's last real river: Will it flow on?
Arizona's San Pedro River - the Southwest's last natural low-desert river - still faces a number of threats to its survival.
Flip-flop on storing nuclear waste shakes up tribe
Mescalero Apaches vote to store high-level nuclear waste on the reservation six weeks after first voting against it.
Politics and threats keep cows on public land
Amid rumors of violence, the Forest Service backs down on its plan to cut the number of Kit and Sherry Laney's cows that graze a wilderness allotment.
The heat is on
The Forest Service is pressured to reverse decision removing most of Kit and Sherry Laney's cattle from the Diamond Bar allotment.
Forest Service scrambles to obey law it long ignored
After decades of inaction, the Forest Service suddenly starts to apply the National Environmental Policy Act.
Mescaleros now vote yes
Mescalero Apaches reverse themselves and vote in favor of storing radioactive waste on their New Mexico reservation.
Apaches send a signal to nuclear industry
Mescalero Apache Rufina Laws led successful fight to keep a nuclear-waste storage site off the reservation.
Ranchers backed
New Mexico poll shows citizens sympathetic to ranchers.
Babbitt cedes grazing reform to Congress
Bruce Babbitt gives up on grazing reform.
Subdividing the desert: Should there be a vote?
Tucson activists fight development of the desert's ironwood forest.
Free speech can be costly in New Mexico
Environmentalists find themselves and their message unwelcome in Silver City, New Mexico.
Don't bother them with facts
In Silver City, New Mexico, wise users and environmentalists clash over listing as endangered the spike dace, loach minnow and Southwestern willow flycatcher.
A struggle for the last grass
Gila Watch's Susan Schock leads fight against Diamond Bar grazing allotment.
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