Items by Ed Marston

Dear Friends
Dam-breaching correction; HCN's Robert Hayutin and Three Rivers Land Trust; HCN is 30; Peggy Rawlins.
Dear Friends
HCN potluck and meeting in Las Vegas; HCN's budget; goodbyes and hellos.
Dear Friends
Bill Hedden vs. Moab uranium tailings; HCN's business manager Janet Kauffman and accrual accounting; visitors; Don "Shorty" Wood dies; HCN's adopt-a-library.
Dear Friends
HCN in the New Yorker; Bruce Selcraig's long-lost check; Bruce Babbitt; "Douglasia" likes HCN; geology field-trippers; HCN and business; Radio High Country News.
Dear Friends
Paper delivery problems; visitors.
A new road for the public lands
President Clinton and Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt have a new strategy for protecting and managing the public lands, encouraging citizens and politicans to implement national conservation values in a regional and local way.
Living in the outdoors
The completely revised and rewritten book, "The National Outdoor Leadership School's Wilderness Guide" by Mark Harvey, is a well-written guide to being in the forests, deserts and high country.
Dear Friends
Research Fund; HCN's Paonia board meeting and potlucks; our circulation numbers; a lavish book, "Colorado 1870-2000" by John Fielder and Ed Marston; visitors.
A gem of a park
The Conservation Fund is working with local ranchers to remove cattle from Nevada's Great Basin National Park.
A rare vote on water
For only the second time in 62 years, Colorado voters had the chance to elect board members to the upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District.
Pillar of Sand
In "Pillar of Sand: Can the Irrigation Miracle Last?" author Sandra Postel brings a clear, thoughtful approach to the intertwined questions of food production and population growth.
Dear Friends
HCN rendezvous; exceptional subscribers and visitors; apologies and excuses.
In the new West, we're all tourists
In his new book, "Devil's Bargains: Tourism in the Twentieth-Century American West," author Hal K. Rothman paints a grim picture of the social damage wrought by today's industrial tourism industry.
Dear Friends
Sherman Alexie and others at the Unity Conference in Seattle; Emily Swanson and Maria Forster try to reorganize HCN; lots of letters; condolences on death of John Reubens.
Tom Chapman: A small-town boy who made good
Modern-day "robber barons" such as Tom Chapman will continue to blackmail taxpayers by threatening to develop wilderness and park inholdings - unless land-management agencies summon the will to fight back.
Dear Friends
Radio HCN; summer visitors; Professor Don Sullivan explains the geography of the Grand Mesa; correction on Tom Chapman story.
Seeking justice for all on the Colorado Plateau
Charles Wilkinson's new book, "Fire on the Plateau: Conflict and Endurance in the American Southwest," is a tribute to the land and people of the Colorado Plateau, especially the Native American inhabitants.
Dear Friends
Perri Knize and cow statistics; visitors; Diane Sylvain's maps and Charles Wilkinson's book; odds and ends, ad policy and HCN takes a break.
The new faces of the West
The series "The Hidden West" is High Country News' look at communities that are on the edge and often uncertain of their future.
Can poverty protect the last, best place?
A report called "Montana: People and the Economy" takes a fatalistic view of the harsh economic facts in the state.
Dear Friends
New intern Keri Watson; former forest supervisor, now restaurateur Ernie Nunn; HCN board meeting and potluck in Helena, Mont.
The Hidden West
Introduction to Edwin Dobb's feature on mining the past in Butte, Montana.
Dear Friends
30 issues for $30; 20,000 subscribers by Y2K; this and that; new intern Tim Westby.
Dear Friends
Robert Amon is legally untangled; HCN's new development associate, Michelle Anton Allen; corrections, congratulations, visitors, lost writers; and Paonia's coal mine controversy.
A history of how a grassroots rebellion won a water war
Peter Carrels' "Uphill Against Water: The Great Dakota Water War" is a shocking story of how bureaucracy destroyed rural economies and indigenous people, all in the name of progress.
Dear Friends
Trash patrol; Elizabeth Manning and Westwater Canyon; visitors; corrections.
Dear friends
Goodbye to Linda Bacigalupi; Writers on the Range thanks you; dishing dirt; condolences to Denise Kossler's family;
Working the land back to health
An introduction to two stories in this issue describes how environmentalists are learning to use consensus to heal land thought to be damaged almost beyond healing.
A research resource to drown in
The background studies to the report "Water in the West: Challenge for the Next Century" are worth their considerable weight in gold to anyone seriously interested in the complex problems surrounding water in the West.
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