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'They're not good stewards of the land'
Jim Gonzalez, a hunter who loves roadless areas, says that the White River National Forest caves into ski areas and other special interests.
In their own words
Recreationists, environmentalists, politicians and agency employees are among those offering comments on the White River National Forest's proposed new plan.
Recreationists of every kind have long used Colorado's White River National Forest as a playground, and the Forest Service's proposed new plan, which would limit some activities in an attempt to help the forest, is being met with a lot of anger.
Protests proceed at Vail
Nine protesters are arrested for trying to block an access road in the White River National Forest in an attempt to halt the controversial expansion of the Vail Ski Area.
No luck for this lynx
A reintroduced lynx dies on Vail Pass, and some say the fact that the animal traveled 200 miles to get there proves that the Vail area is prime lynx habitat.
Wilderness developer Tom Chapman is back
Notorious developer Tom Chapman is circulating a glossy brochure for the mansions he says he plans to build on former mining claims in Colorado's Holy Cross Wilderness.
Lynx reintroduction links unexpected allies
In Colorado, reintroduction of Canada lynx and the starvation of some of the animals has some conservationists agreeing with the livestock lobby's arguments that federal biologists rushed to bring in the lynx without due consideration.
Vail and the road to a recreational empire
Some worry that Vail and the other booming ski resorts along Colorado's I-70 corridor - which are more lucrative than ever as they become year-round resorts - are turning the state into an Alpine theme park more like Switzerland than the Rocky Mountains.
Vail fires outrage community
The Earth Liberation Front claims responsibility for fires that damaged ski facilities at Vail, Colo., and though many in the community have rallied support, others blame Vail for its ruthless development and planned expansion into possible lynx habitat.
Looking for the missing lynx
The possibility that rare lynx may still roam the forests in Colorado's Eagle County leads some to say more development of the area's Vail ski resort should not be permitted.
Proposed ski resort does a face plant
After a 25-year battle, developer Fred Kummer gives up his plan for the Adam's Rib Ski Resort in Colorado's Eagle County.
Will 'wanton killer' lope into Colorado?
At a meeting in Eagle, Colo., to discuss the possible reintroduction of wolves to the nearby Flat Tops Wilderness, ranchers denounce and supporters praise the predator.
Forget widgets, we sell wilderness
Western wilderness is too popular for its own good - especially among wealthy foreigners who come to ski at Vail.
Eco-grazing: Shepherd follows his flock, and the seasons
Sheepman Sam Robinson says sheep have not only failed to harm the mountains near Vail, Colo., where he has grazed them for the last 11 summers, they've also done the ecosystem some good.
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