Items by Betsy Marston

Dear friends
Pear Wars; feedback; visitors.
DIA hears from some critics
At an air summit meeting in Grand Junction, Colo., representatives at Denver International Airport hear a litany of complaints from Western Slope regional airport managers.
Dear friends
HCN anniversary in Lander, Rick and Heather Knight present award to HCN, new interns Heather Abel and Warren Cornwall.
The little paper that could
HCN editor Betsy Marston reminisces about the early days of the paper after it moved from Lander, Wyo., to Paonia, Colo.
Outdoor museum preserved for now
Two geologists help preserve carved bedrock of Idaho's Big Wood River.
Tales from the West
The Stories that Shape Us: Contemporary Women Write about the West offers essays by 26 writers.
Dams were built on breathless prose
A 1965 Bureau of Reclamation booklet declaimed the glories of building Glen Canyon Dam.
Dear Friends
Odds and ends; change of address advice
Enjoyment enough to kill
The Wild Muir: Twenty-two of John Muir's Greatest Adventures is a delightful anthology of Muir's writings.
Dear Friends
Chip Rawlins' burlesque opera "The Merchants of Menace," corrections, weather and visitors.
Dear friends
Death of reporter Jim Stiak; HCN board meeting report; Cascadia Times; Visitors.
The education of a scientist
A review of Edward Wilson's autobiography Naturalist.
Dear friends
Skipped issue, board meeting announcement, interns Ross Freeman and Anders Halverson.
Dear friends
Former interns, odds and ends, corrections
The valley around us is deep
The Forest Service asked William Stafford to write poems for the scenic turnouts along the river valley. Poems reprinted.
Dear friends
Another special issue, Chip Rawlins reading, visitors.
Dear friends
Hunting season, Bruce Selcraig is visiting journalist, fall visitors
For the full scolding
BuRec falls down on job of managing water, audit concludes.
Dear friends
Society of Environmental Journalists meets in Utah; visitors; growth issue a hit.
Dear friends
Energy award, marriages and visits, corrections, Charles Wilkinson
Dear friends
Arrival of Ray Ring and family, visitors, corrections.
Dear friends
Wake fire near Paonia, 14 firefighters killed near Glenwood Springs.
Dear friends
Good news for staff; Fan mail for Gretchen; Recycled paper; Flights over Grand Canyon; March for trees; Visitors.
Dear friends
Odds and ends, HCN survey, avalanches in northwest, intern Peter McBride.
Dear friends
Odds and ends, visitors, transitions, intern Carol Busch, barebones, high praise.
No change on the range
Wanderings of an Environmental Journalist In Alaska and the American West. Essays by Philip Fradkin reviewed.
Dear friends
Commuting over McClure Pass, ad rates going up, Diane Sylvain art show.
Dear friends
Miscelleneous, visitors, direct mail, Arizona bureau, Great Basin interns.
The new West is as restless as the old
People move West, move in and move on.
Farmers outgunned by the oil and gas industry
The Colorado Legislature guts a bill protecting farmers' interests against the oil and gas industry.
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