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TVA moves West for fuel
As the Tennessee Valley Authority rapidly expands its electric generation with nuclear power, it has interests in exploring and mining uranium in Wyoming, New Mexico, and other Western states.
Wilderness endangered by overuse
Most people believe wilderness should be left alone. But as more and more people use it, active management becomes necessary.
Game range transfer threat to wildlife?
Debate follows the decision to transfer three wildlife ranges -- the Kofa Game Range in Arizona, the Charles Sheldon Antelope Range in Nevada, and the Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Range in Montana -- to sole management by the Bureau of Land Management, after years of dual management with the Fish and Wildlife Service.
Laney Hicks keeps Sierra Club on front page
Laney Hicks, the Northern Plains Representative of the Sierra Club, has made good on her goal of getting good press coverage.
Guy named as regional energy director
Expectations for William L. Guy, director of the Western Governors' Energy Policy Center, range from complete confidence to the belief that his selection might foretell the failure of the office itself.
Who's getting to your legislator? (and what are they saying?)
A look inside the world of Wyoming lobbyists, who usually don't fit the stereotypes attributed to them.
Meeteetsee contemplates its future
Meeteetsee, a small cowtown in northwest Wyoming, may change dramatically if AMAX decides to develop an open pit copper mine in the nearby Wood River Valley.
Cheyenne fight, again, for land
With nearly half their reservation lands covered with coal exploration permits or leases, the Northern Cheyenne tribe in Montana has reason to believe that full-scale development could threaten their continued tribal existence.
Big dollars destined to leave mark on Alaska
Alaska's oil boom brings big paychecks, but also inflated prices. Nearly everything about Alaska's boom is bigger -- the distances, the physical discomfort, and the appetite for money.
Sec. Andrus says no leasing without his OK
In a little publicized action, Secretary of Interior Cecil Andrus notified the Bureau of Land Management that no leases for any minerals except oil and gas are to be approved without his expressed approval.
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