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Environmental paradigm spurs collaborative research
Faced with federal budget cuts, forestry schools learn to fund research through other sources and to collaborate with other scientists.
The end of certainty
Western forestry schools slowly begin to reflect the changes in modern forestry.
Another judge says no
Undaunted by a third federal court ruling against the University of Arizona's plan to build its large telescope on Mount Graham, Arizona Rep. Jim Kolbe drafts legislation to let the construction proceed.
'Green' professor cleared in Wyoming
University of Wyoming law professor Mark Squillace is cleared of charges that his work with environmental groups misused university facilities.
Sound-bite slogans distort a complicated reality
Mount Graham has spawned such extremism that middle ground is almost impossible to find.
The university aimed for the stars and hit Mount Graham
The saga of Mount Graham demonstrates that the University of Arizona's shortcuts, questionable tactics and attempts to get around the law are ultimately responsible for creating an impossible situation.
The straight arrow
Former University of Arizona professor and one-time BLM head Frank Gregg believes the Mount Graham controversy shows a flaw at the heart of all universities when it comes to research and money.
The petitioning ecologist
University of Arizona Ph.D. candidate in ecology and evolutionary biology Mark Fishbein explains his objections to the Mount Graham project.
The biogladiator
Biologist Peter Warshall is the University of Arizona faculty's most outspoken critic of the project.
The diplomat ecologist
University of Arizona professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Conrad Istock believes an observatory may help save Mount Graham.
The Apache activist
San Carlos Apache activist Ola Cassadore Davis talks about Mount Graham's sacredness and the coalition she founded to fight for it.
The administrator
University of Arizona vice president for research and graduate studies Michael Cusanovich defends the university's Mount Graham project.
A 77-year-old cow watcher from Arizona
HCN reader Pauline Sandholdt of Salome, Arizona, is featured in a profile.
An in-your-face range scientist
New Mexico State's Jerry Holechek believes public-lands grazing has to be changed at the roots.
Starting a war at Ohio State
Kamyar Enshayan fights the industrialization of agriculture often promoted by land-grant colleges.
The gospel according to Wes Jackson
Geneticist Wes Jackson calls modern agriculture a mistake and offers a blueprint for reform.
Land-grant professor offers Navajo herds a helping hand
Lyle McNeal tries to improve economic and environmental conditions on the Navajo reservation.
Trying to save two of the parts
Lyle McNeal of Utah State devotes himself to bringing back the Navajo's Churro sheep.
Land grants under the microscope
The land-grant university system has been challenged and is slowly beginning to change.
Off campus: A sociologist tries to help Idaho's small towns
Sociologist Aaron Harp at the University of Idaho is skeptical about the land grants.
A tale of two ag programs
Evergreen State offers full approach to diverse agriculture
Apple growers become patrons of science
Washington's apple growers contribute $2 million to research this year.
Budget cutters whack at researchers
Scientists at land-grant colleges face budget cuts.
Sexy weapon thwarts bugs
Scientists work to find new ways to control codling moth outbreaks in Washington's apple orchards.
Between past and future
Washington State University finds it difficult to change when the funding is tight and people uncooperative.
A wilderness war: Utah's canyons cut to the bone
The wilderness debate is forcing rural Utahns to confront their deepest hopes and fears.
Overgrazing: Feds move to end it
The Forest Service claims parts of the Big Cimarron grazing allotment on the Uncompahgre National Forest are chronically overgrazed, and says the bulk of the area should be managed for recreation and the protection of its rivers and lakes.
Animas-La Plata: still flawed
The $590 million Animas-La Plata water project Congress reauthorized in 1988 continues to generate controversy in Colorado.
Can natural gas fuel a Rocky Mountain high?
Rocky Mountain states bet on pipelines to get gas to the burgeoning California market.
The astronomer
Astronomer Peter Strittmatter defends observatories as "benign places."
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