Items by Ben Long

Surprise! Conservation united Montana voters
The writer says despite the fierce rhetoric, Montana voters supported conservation
Presidential candidates try to look svelte in blaze orange
The writer is amused by the blaze-orange posturing of both candidates for president
Hunter to NRA: It’s the habitat, stupid
The writer blasts the National Rifle Association for neglecting its mission and hawking falsehoods about the Sierra Club
Looking for Heroes? Go to Boise, Idaho
The writer celebrates a jury decision in Boise, Idaho
A cheer for runaway bison and the Rocky Mountain Front
The Rocky Mountain Front in Montana is precious land, and it is under threat from the Bush administration’s predatory energy policy
A cheer for runaway bison and their glorious home
Ben Long writes of his love for the wild Rocky Mountain Front, an area targeted for energy development
Extinction – by the clock
Montana’s two varieties of sturgeon, the white and the pallid, have just been given an expiration date, and human beings should be paying more attention to this extinction
Extinction — by the clock
Ben Long celebrates and mourns the 1,500-pound sturgeon, a dinosaur cousin on a fast track to extinction.
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s a senator on a Harley
Ben Long wonders at the phenomenon: U.S. senators riding Harleys.
No way to run Wyoming
Ben Long urges Wyoming politicians to listen to the experts when it comes to wolves and elk
Lessons of an intolerant past
Before the U.S. tries to crack down on suspicious-looking Muslims and Middle Easterners, it would do well to remember the World War II era injustice of Japanese-American internment camps like Minidoka, Idaho.
Yellowstone's last stampede
A visit to Yellowstone in winter leads to encounters with park employees eager for (and snowmobilers vehemently against) the coming banishment of snowmobiles from the national park.
Shoveling vs. sniveling
A Montana mill owner's plan to send 10,000 shovels to Elko, Nev., so sagebrush rebels can re-open a road closed by the Forest Service, is "a triumph of symbolism over substance," according to the writer.
Alberta proves deadly for wolves
The killing of wolves in Alberta, Canada, may drive Montana wolves into biological isolation.
Montana wolves can't find safe habitat
The Sawtooth wolf pack in Montana is having trouble finding a home.
Sleuth says wolves are usually innocent
Carter Niemeyer investigates so-called wolf-killed livestock and finds wolves are usually innocent.
Wolf beats bureaucrats to Wyoming
Evidence of a wolf that roamed into Yellowstone suggests reintroduction is unecessary.
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