Items by Betsy Marston

Heard around the West
Naked statue offends; sexy Olympic skaters; gender-based shopping cart behavior; bugs bug windmills; Colo. Gov. goes to pot; gay/lesbian group not welcome to adopt S.D. highway; Seattle residents line up for toilets; don't run from cougars.
Heard around the West
Fish falls on firefighter; Seattle mansions; drag queens in Idaho Falls; Maroon Bells restroom gets makeover; Albuquerque Mayor Jim Baca vs. opponent's hairdo; Denver Jack-O-Launching; how not to respond to a DUI; Fresno landfill not historic landmark.
Heard around the West
How we resemble black bears; reptile thieves; dove nests in semi-trailer; robotic milker demonstrated; Utah loosens drinking laws; Salt Lake City bus driver changes name to Santa Claus; Allard listens to Cortez, CO; "Cody Coyote" newspaper spoof previews.
Heard around the West
Boy Scouts vandalize dinosaur tracks; escaping Ore. bison; power plant workers camp in Las Animas, CO; James Dean loses cigarette in Utah; ORVer defends his destruction; Idaho Rep. Otter pays Clean Water fine; Wyoming has most cars per household.
Heard around the West
Animatronic Smokey Bear; snowmobiler drowns; "pet eating" contest; Park City, Utah, police blotter; Sandra Echols shuts off her electricity; "monopine" in Carson City; deer crashes through Butte, Mont., auto showroom; nuclear missile nostalgic.
Heard around the West
Mark Russell gets laughs in Cody, Wyo.; Taking "north" out of N.D.; N.M. Gov. Gary Johnson flushed down toilet; Reagan on Rushmore?; "squaw" name eliminated in Idaho; wacky summer ideas; L.A. bear in backyard pool; Bush and energy subsidies.
Heard around the West
Battery-powered mowers; Idaho potato forgery; "Twin Peaks" vs. "Rattlesnake Ridge" school in Ariz; Black Hawk levels mountain for casino; funeral-planning seminars; video game on WTO protests; Casper, Wyo., renaming Wyo. high school after Dick Cheney.
Heard around the West
Redi Kilowatt speaks out for energy conservation; satire lists Cheney's tips for conservation; losing library books; Rattlesnake Roundup in Alamogordo, N.M.; fun puns; N.M. State Police vs. suspicious truck.
Heard around the West
James Watt basking in nostalgia; California's energy woes; Bill Gates is a water hog; Army's new environmentally friendly bullet; Bush confuses Americans; Berkeley Pit has bugs; a beef in McDonalds' fries.
Dear Friends
Ed and Betsy Marston are back from teaching journalism in Berkeley, Calif.; Jay Knight lends HCN a sculpture of a bison by Tim Shay.
Heard around the West
Smokey Bear's new life as a controlled-burn advocate; Joseph, Ore., vs. pink pig-shaped barbecue; Californians fight back; California road rage and gender dysphoria; Seattle carpooling via Internet; ferret-lover vs. Aurora, Colo.
Heard around the West
Naming Larry Craig's dog; Alaskan dog-owners beware; Anchorage guy shoots ravens; tumbleweeds spread nuclear contamination; cooking chicken in Yellowstone's hot pots; condor lays eggs; mailing May in 1914.
A modest chief moved the Forest Service miles down the road
In an interview, former Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck talks about the changes the agency saw during his tenure, and his hopes for the continuing restoration of the forests.
Heard around the West
Moab and "The Vagina Monologues"; "squaw" and its English equivalent in Idaho; Unimogs are new ultimate behemoths; motorized scooters new trend.
Heard around the West
Fancy toilets of "green built" resort; California vs. Washington; Lewis & Clark and Jet Skis; Winnebagos and floating condos; Michael Tomlinson vs. applicances; Berkeley, Calif., honors "companion animals."
Heard around the West
Deer vs. trampoline; wild turkey vs. mailman; Wilderness Society vs. Gale Norton's parents; hints for contacting legislators; cheesy art comes to Powell, Wyo.; Utah Legislature vs. hate-crimes bill.
Heard around the West
Sacajawea and York honored at last; wind farm on Nev. Test Site; 60 years stealing electricity; housing prices, traffic woes in N. Calif.; houses in Jackson Hole; drivers can't drink in Wyo.; parking ticket scofflaws in Denver; Utah atheists on war path.
Heard around the West
California; Vail's Lawn Chair Team, Idaho's Red Hot Mamas; Jackson Hole house prices; conservatives vs. Colo. Springs Independent; Utah store owner censors movies; Utah's "porn czarina"; Kane County Sheriff claims roads; Nevada's Legislature.
Men without women
"Speaking through the Aspens: Basque Tree Carvings in California and Nevada," by J. Mallea-Olaetxe, studies and celebrates the 'arborglyphs' left on tree trunks by lonesome Basque sheepherders over the last century.
Heard around the West
Arcata, Calif., "eco-house"; metal pink pig in Joseph, Ore., gets the boot; tidying up utility poles in Portland, Ore.; fancy fruit gift boxes; sagebrush seed rustlers caught in Hanford, Wash.; Reno comedians replaced by bingo.
X-rated on the rocks
"The Serpent and the Sacred Fire: Fertility Images in Southwest Rock Art," by Dennis Slifer, takes a look at the sexual imagery of much Southwestern rock art.
Heard around the West
Anti-environmental jargon; carless in Seattle; homeowners vs. hikers on trail near Seattle; better cow-herding through electricity; sagebrush seed rustling;, Ore.; learning from moose poop.
Heard around the West
Battle Mountain, NV: "armpit of nation"; four-legged pigeon; Harry Potter ignites rage in Alamogordo, N.M.; owls not good pets for Potter fans; off-shore banking in MT; fighting the circus; water-skipping on snowmobiles not good idea.
Heard around the West
Cattle vs. motorists; Mont. Gov.-elect happy to be industry's lap dog; bumper stickers; ORVers superior to hikers?; legumes more valuable due to mad-cow disease scare; do fish feel pain?; when good sea otters go bad; guerilla bumper stickers on SUVs.
Bring back towns
"Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream" by Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zybrk and Jeff Beck brings to life the "new urbanism" which is largely a return to old-fashioned, small-town living.
Heard around the West
San Francisco billionaire creates cat and dog refuge; topless fur protest; teacher dumps computers on BLM land; wild mountain cows; Cedaredge, Colo., editor takes off; hunting permit for Democrats; Sport Utility poem; bumper sticker.
A botanical El Dorado
"Mountains & Rivers: A Quarterly Journal of Natural History for the Klamath-Siskiyou Region" celebrates its region and the creatures that inhabit it through essays, poetry, reports and artwork.
Heard around the West
Robert Shields' minutia-filled diaries; Nat'l Assn. of Squash Artillery; bears in Aspen; Virgin, Utah, gun mandate; BYU vs. multi-pierced ears; Dona Nieto vs. loggers; ORVs on interstate median strips?; wearable laptops from England.
Dear friends
Stop the presses!; David Lavender turns 90; Tom Bell and Bruce Babbitt; visitors.
Heard around the West
SPAM & Tofurky; suggestions for Wyoming 'Survivor' show; good bumper stickers; singer/songwriter Greg Brown;
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