Items by Betsy Marston

Heard Around the West
Misprint confuses wolves with wives; "peace threats;" Sen. Scott McInnis denounces French-made tombstone; "Aspen Pure" water doesn’t come from Aspen; Utah mayor wasn’t kidnapped; Colorado Central spoofs real estate ads; "Chateau de Plateau;" Old Faithful
Heard Around the West
Monterey, Calif., vs. cruise ships; Hetch Hetchy bottled water a bust; former Gov. Fife Symington’s new life in the dough; animal smuggler caught with monkeys in his pants; beaver visits Kennewick, Wash.; a giant lava lamp for Soap Lake, Wash.; and Penny
Heard Around the West
Will Highway 666 get a new name?; Nevada’s "Armpit of America" celebrates; taxing brothels; student sayings from the Web; Santa Fe’s "Path of the Painted Potties;" South Dakota searches world for dairy farmers; and Santa Barbara County tries to decide whe
Heard Around the West
Wenatchee, Wash., has a new sweet-smelling phone book; rodeo beats dancing in Wyoming; Moab, Utah, is not happy about MOAB the bomb; sage grouse walk on the wild side; shoes at sea; dogs vs. snakes in Reno; and mind-boggling California developments in the
Heard Around the West
Vive la France!; anglers block fish contest; Libertarians are coming; ski industry vs. climate change; ski industry and big bucks; outdoor Internet; slamming Seattle; hot water & hot girls at the EPA; and Colorado Central knows its duct tape
Heard Around the West
Wyoming funds contraceptives for its coyotes – but not its women
Heard Around The West
President Bush and "green, green lima beans;" divorce harms the environment; jackalope designer dies; lassoing chickens in Douglas, Wyo.; cactus thieves in Phoenix; venting spleen in Grand Junction, Colo.; and re-engineering cows in the future
Heard Around the West
Future mayor caught in vandalism; discrimination against rich private jets in Idaho; Denver’s National Western Stock Show is bittersweet; 80-year-old great-grandmother runs marathons; don’t kiss rattlesnakes; “ecoroofs” in Portland, Ore.; “toys” from Cabe
Heard Around the West
"Animal racism" against California rats; country-western song titles; dentist makes house call in tree; Phoenix’s Fiesta Bowl; What would Jesus drive?; readers rant in Salt Lake Tribune; wolves in Utah; and junk pile up in Mesa County, Colo.
Heard Around the West
Bush vs. enviros; logging sequoias; election by the cards; duct tape for wart removal & wallets; 130-year-old hot sauce in Virginia City, Nev.; Japanese outdoor gear hits Boulder; wounded grizzly continues to care for her cubs; and Bigfoot fraud revealed.
Heard Around the West
Camouflage for consumers; SWAT team busts dog; saving Smokey’s job; New Mexico "most stupid" state; turning a mine into a tourist attraction; and hermit "Dugout Dick" lives in a cave in Idaho.
Heard Around the West
Sky-diving pooch; attack ad goes after candidate's dog; Warm Springs, Ore., holds "Rez Car Parade;" biggest pumkin still grown in East, but Oregon grower catching up; censorship and student journalism in Utah; and town may change name to "Got Milk?"
Heard Around the West
Grizzly jam turns into fracas; School administrator embezzles for his self-esteem; yield to bison; Cody Boobyprise speaks out for endangered liberals; low-flow toilets cause problems in Santa Fe; rats in Beverly Hills; and Nike vs. British brewery.
Heard Around the West
GI Joe's gun confiscated; model prisoner steals; candidate turns blue; handshaking record set; "My governor is stupider; corrections; Viagra climbs mountains; advice on wolves; polygamist's prolific pallbearers; and crazy about canines.
Heard Around the West
Utah leads in bankruptcy and stupid chili-roasting laws; Jackson Hole Guide fact-checks New York Times; new mascot - Reddy the Squirrel - wants to replace Smokey Bear; Boulder vs. starling control; and Forest Service workers vs. fee demo program.
Heard Around the West
Bumper stickers and sheepdog trials; PETA billboards go after fat carnivores; pro-polygamy billboards irk Utahans; activist mauled by bear; keeping golf courses green without water; political ponytails; and "edgy" ads pulled for being annoying.
Oh, the things you see
Cars pulled from river; Great Salt Lake smells; water cops bust pot plants; duckie race relocated; Mrs. Kan. International leaves kids home; Bush on the ranch with the bovines; armed SUVs; stealing barbecue; Kentucky Fried accident; opera by flashlight.
Heard Around the West
Mini-ranch sold on eBay; smashed toilets become office foundation; Aspen man blown away by job requirements; "Russian Mafia" robbing Idaho hikers; meth addicts stealing old-growth trees; Water Board plans cloud-seeding; and grasshopper plague.
Heard around the West
Hotchkiss, Colo.; Santa Fe finds bright spots in drought; "Aspen - The Sitcom"; speeding and religion in Idaho; benefits of clear-cuts; organic lunches in California schools; biking to work in Flagstaff; Julia Child in Aspen.
Heard around the West
CPR for salmon; driver harasses Yellowstone buffalo; Moscow, ID doesn't condone topless carwashes; protecting firefighters from their testosterone; 82-yr.-old flight attendant; man returns money in hamburger bags; new wheat brings pests; signs.
Heard around the West
Honeybees trained to track explosives; golf tourney offers prize prostitutes; man shoots own manhood; 3 Mont. legislators switch Dem to Rep; gated communities not always protected; Berkeley CA to vote on java origins; Nev. drops bomb from license plates.
Heard around the West
Jogger Abigail Thomas keeps cool during Yellowstone bear encounter; waitress keeps oversized tip from drunken cowboy; People magazine has nuclear waste going to Utah; prairie dogs; planners are communists?; Aspen Equestrian Estates allows no horses; Barbi
Heard around the West
Drought in Colorado; cows on waterbeds in Oregon; citizen remedies LA freeway sign; Casper police officer places lost gun ad; Univ. of Ariz. president won't let grads toss tortillas; doggie powwow Jackson, WY; Libertarian candidate Steve Gothard fears Was
Heard around the West
"Barista bandits" raid Starbucks in Monroe, Wash.; Saudi prince disdains female air traffic controller; drought of biblical proportions; Glacier National Park is losing its glaciers; 11-year-old Hunter Shotwell of Park City, Utah, asks for birthday money
Heard around the West
Duct tape saves flight from a Montana airport to Minneapolis; Boulder, Colo., the next People's Republic?; irate Thompson Falls, Mont., businessman shoots his computer due to screwed-up Fish and Game hunting license issuing; aesthetic logging vs. clear-cu
Heard around the West
Alligators on treadmills embarrass researchers; Colorado's state mineral must be right color; Montana coyote hunter shoots up plane's wing; ticked-off bees attack in Oregon; Basalt, Colo., turns down second-home buyers; 107-year-old Jessie Reimers of Lewi
Heard around the West
Due to all the volunteer workers, Salt Lake City's Winter Olympics may actually turn a profit; Bush administration slashes funds on solar energy while condoning oil and gas; Army Secretary Thomas E. White sells $7.8 million Aspen home at loss; wayward coy
Heard around the West
Nevada sells itself as 'predator' playground; hunters vs. humor; salmon vs. highways; solar energy in rainy Oregon; drunk driver vs. driving direction; Nevada sheriff enters brothel biz; cleaning person finds grenade; 1901 doctor praises bicycling.
Heard around the West
Aspen not very sympathetic to Kenneth Lay; spuds in the news; postal pheasant dies; pigs fly in N.M. Legislature; flaming, flying cow pies; Dave Barry in North Dakota; Wyo. Sen. Bob Peck blames women for not earning more money.
Heard around the West
Gas masks at Yellowstone; don't say "New Jersey"; thrifty woman fends off bank robber; California water absurdities; unintentionally funny headlines; sand-skiing; Albee or Abbey?; Damien Hirst's "art" accidentally tidied away.
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