Items by Ray Ring

The next time your radiator boils over, make soup
If your car is as hot as an oven, use it for one. Give a whirl to the newest summer craze -- car cookery.
Get the public off the public lands
Back in 1986, as environmentalists rallied to push ranchers off public land, nobody could have predicted how the issue would finally be resolved. A new movement was born: the most powerful and sweeping ever seen in natural resource management. It was born with the battle cry: "Get the public off public lands."
One man's indictment of forestry in Arizona
Investigative journalist Ray Ring digs into Forest Service reports to explain why Arizona has been logged more intensively than any other Western state.
The Grand Canyon is filled -- with noise
The mechanized world of the late 20th century is intruding in an unexpected way in the wilderness of Grand Canyon National Park.
Resort towns battle monsters
Resort towns try to stop proliferation of "monster" homes.
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