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Jobs vs. the environment?
A solar panel factory in Phoenix seems like (mostly) good news.
Using Japan to discuss energy at home
A Phoenix resident muses on nuclear and renewables
Wild Lands, bureaucracy and the BLM
It's hard to tell what will happen with new policy
Rising gas prices hurt poor most of all
A real energy solution includes all
The price of "green" home improvement
Efficient construction may become more affordable even for the poor
Ethical metalsmiths
Of pawnshops and gold recycling in hard economic times
Water use: something we Arizonans can control
Desert-dwellers should take the opportunity to save water
Not so simple living
Reflecting on 30 years of progress and lack thereof
The price of green
Are VOC-free products worth the steep price tag?
Pondering palm oil
A ubiquitous ingredient is tied to forest degradation in tropical countries
Arizona on the edge of a precipice
Election results prove disheartening
Buying "green" in the rural West
Who can afford to clean with green?
Mining in the modern West
Are the benefits worth the costs?
Feline justice
Contemplating complicity in an environmental problem
Radioactive Justice
What's safe, and how do we know?
A just solution for horses
Loving an (artificial) lake
Ruminations on desert water and outdoor access
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