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Montana bison hunts presage a range war
Montana's largest hunting organization has joined animal-rights activists and conservationists in condemning the state's hunt on bison leaving Yellowstone National Park this winter.
Goats test notions of 'native' and 'exotic' species
A new invasion of mountain goats -- and a plan to shoot them -- is forcing Yellowstone resource managers to re-open the old debate over maintaining native and exotic species in America's oldest wildlife sanctuary.
A glossary of mining terms
Definitions of "reclamation," "bonding," and "sensitive areas."
Is there room for everyone?
The tranquil snowscape of Yellowstone has become a symbol of efforts to expand commercial development in the national parks.
Dig shows wolves in Yellowstone area
A paleontologist has unearthed evidence suggesting wolves existed in Yellowstone National Park for hundreds of years, rebutting critics of restoring wolves who say the area was never home to the animals.
Poachers: Driving wild things to extinction
As habitat dwindles around the world, the Rocky Mountain West has become a stronghold for commercial poachers and illegal hunters seeking the last concentrations of trophy animals.
Wyoming elk antlers head for the Orient
During its 20-year history, the annual Boy Scout Elk Antler Auction, held each spring in Jackson, Wyo., has slowly become dominated by antler traders from the Orient who export the horns to Korea and transform them into wafer-sized aphrodisiacs or medicinal teas.
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