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The Eucalyptus: Sacred or profane?
The writer says that California's much-prized eucalyptus trees are really overgrown, fire-prone weeds that would be better off in their native Australia.
Fallen forester
Jim Nelson, who managed the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest in Nevada for years amid environmentalist acclaim, has had his career derailed by whistleblowers that the writer believes acted without justification, in a spirit of personal malice.
It only seems cruel to fool a fish
An angler argues with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals over whether or not fishing is cruel.
Hunters close ranks, and minds
The notorious self-censorship the hunting press showed when "Outdoor Life" pulled biologist Tom Beck's article critical of bear baiting leads to speculations by an outdoor writer on why hunters are so thin-skinned about criticism.
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