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Cooking up a whopper on federal land in Oregon
The writer says logging companies and the Forest Service have targeted the last of the big old trees
Killing cougars is the easy choice
The writer says Oregon's decision to kill cougars is the wrong way to go
Pombo’s plan to privatize the West must be stopped
The writer asks all those who love the West’s open spaces to oppose a bill privatizing federal mining claims
Avian flu: Don’t fear the flocks yet
The writer cautions us not to become alarmists about bird flu
What's at stake in the evolution debate
The so-called "debate" over the teaching of evolution is really a debate over whether our society will continue to be based on reality
What’s at stake in the evolution debate
The writer warns that we trifle with reality if we allow the teaching of intelligent design as science
Death Valley wakes up with a bang
The greatest wildflower bloom of a generation hits Death Valley, and people come from all around in search of the beauty of "Bloomstock"
Death Valley wakes up with a bang
The writer drives from Oregon to Death Valley to experience its once-in-a-lifetime wildflower bonanza
The ecology and politics of fear
The writer analyzes the nature of fear and how it can affect the behavior of both elk in Yellowstone National Park and Americans in the voting booth
Who can argue with equality for all salmon?
The writer praises the government for its ingenious solution to the problem of too few native fish
The high cost of low prices
In Oregon, the writer asks people to think of the benefits of government, not just the costs
Searching for the true causes of the West’s fire problems
Pepper Trail, a wildlife biologist in Oregon, says that this is not the time to log our way out of wildfire threats in the West.
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