Items by Nathan Rice

Lead bullets find a champion in Tester
Senate bill would exempt lead ammo from health, wildlife protections
Wolverines in the Wallowas
Remote cameras capture first confirmed Oregon sighting in 19 years.
Clearing the way for renewables
BLM gives wind, solar a break from obstructive mining claims
Western pine beetles munch eastward
Insect blight could cross continent
As seas rise, cities retreat
As seas rise, cities retreat
Climate change is threatening West Coast cities.
Rid(er)ing into the sunset
Federal spending deal slashes environmental programs
Sea lions to the slaughter?
Bill would allow control of salmon-eating predators
A new brand of trust land?
Washington State looks to shield working forests from urban sprawl
Strawberry scrutiny
EPA takes comments on much-vexed pesticide
'Managed retreat'
West Coast communities pull back from rising seas
Wrestling with wolves
Anti-wolf sentiment sweeps Western capitals
Domestic violence on the rez
Domestic violence on the rez
Radmilla Cody and Geraldine Laughter discuss domestic violence and the challenges for enforcement and victim support services on the Navajo Nation.
Fish (farm) on
Feds open up to aquaculture
The birds and the blades
Feds release new wind power guidelines
County kickbacks
County kickbacks
Western rural county governments often rely heavily on federal funding.
Welcome, new interns
Welcome, new interns
High Country News welcomes new interns, Nathan Rice and Sierra Crane-Murdoch; visitors, self-reported; corrections.
Another round against hardrock handouts
Senate bill would repeal mining tax breaks
Of beetles and borders
The abominable pine beetle revives U.S.-Canada lumber dispute
Bring the electrons home
Western communities look to localize electricity
Pinon Ridge uranium mill clears state hurdle
Pinon Ridge uranium mill clears state hurdle
Colorado moves one step closer to kickstarting a new Western uranium boom.
Proposed Colorado uranium mill gets key state go-ahead
Long-dormant industry could rise again
'The last word is action'
'The last word is action'
Colorado clean-energy activist Leslie Glustrom sees the eventual decline of coal production as a possible ally.
Mopping up uranium's mess
Mopping up uranium's mess
As another uranium boom hits, Western states take action to clean up old mine and mill sites.
Shades of hope for uranium's forgotten victims
Shades of hope for uranium's forgotten victims
A proposed bill expands compensation for sick workers.
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