Items by Marty Durlin

Will money talk?
California's financial crisis may push lawmakers to legalize and tax pot sales.
The glorious Fourth
Marking life's milestones with smalltown festivities.
Airports killing wildlife to prevent accidents
Geese in New York City, prairie dogs in Colorado bite the dust.
Unprecedented poaching in California
Not only for profit, but for "sport."
Mixups over tribal IDs
New laws bring confusion, problems for tribal members.
Adopt a stimulus project
ProPublica seeks to collaborate with citizen journalists.
Scratching the savage itch
Craig Childs talks about his encounter with the wild world of professional bull-riding in an audio interview with Marty Durlin.
New Ag-Jobs bill hits Congress
Help for growers and workers in the fields?
Dancing to the Tohono O'odham polka
Waila music is a combo of indigenous and European influences.
Jim Harvey vs. Big Solar
A Harley-riding desert activist talks about saving the Mojave ecosystem
Water world
Exploring the planet’s most precious resource – on Hopi terms.
Camelina, Montana's wonder crop?
It could provide jet fuel, cattle feed, and antioxidants -- and it doesn't need much water.
Wind River revelations
Lisa Jones talks about Northern Arapaho horse whisperer and healer Stanford Addison, the subject of her book, Broken.
The line is busy
Folks who need unemployment benefits in Colorado can't get through.
A passion to protect
In this audio interview, Glo Cunningham talks about why she came to the ski town of Crested Butte, Colo., 34 years ago and what has sustained her fight to preserve its mountains and water.
Outlaws with guns
Across the Mexican border, gun control is eroded by smuggling from the U.S.
Colorado's job bias complaints soar
State triples the national rate over the past five years.
Westerners have a knack for new and innovative thinking, such as: Redefining rancher politics, A rediscovered renewable, Creating public nooks and crannies and more.
Would you want to live near a wind farm?
Would you want to live near a wind farm?
Everybody believes in alternative energy, but very few people want to live next to giant wind turbines.
The "tyranny of fleece"
Diversifying the environmental movement and actually making progress.
Wind power and wildlife don't mix
Nature Conservancy releases Montana study.
West Nile virus and avian biodiversity
More diverse bird populations protect humans from infection.
Wind setbacks
Wind setbacks
Everyone wants alternative power in theory, but nobody wants to live next to giant wind turbines.
Montana state senator proposes slaughterhouse
"Not every horse is Trigger," says Sen. Butcher.
Meth in the West
New study shows costs of abuse.
Woman on the water
Heather Wylie talks about taking on the feds and floating the L.A. River.
Power struggle
Rural community protests new transmission lines.
Finding a nuclear waste dump
Judith Lewis speaks with HCN's Marty Durlin about the search for a nuclear waste dump and her latest article, Mountain of Doubt.
Western legislators stake out nuclear positions
Reid and Ensign advocate killing Yucca Mountain, Murray wants billions for Hanford cleanup.
Video: Humor in a world gone mad
Video: Humor in a world gone mad
Moab cartoonist Travis Kelly creates political cartoons in order to stay sane.
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