Items by Mark Trahant

Three Books from Indian Country
Mark Trahant recommends new Native American writing on old but urgent issues
Throw away the old playbook
Tribes and counties are better off working together as neighbors.
Are Indians and Westerners halfway to a lost decade?
We live in a subsidized region and need government help
Where are the jobs in Indian country?
Employment statistics -- and prospects -- are bleak in Indian country and beyond
Tribes need foreign policies
As the U.S. government contracts, Indians should look to other countries for investment.
American Indians suffer from high gas prices
Remoteness of many reservations leads to a reliance on fossil fuels
Indians await health care funding
Congressional budget wranglings leave Indian Health Services without money
Deflation Nation
Contraction policy will cost Indian Country thousands of good paying jobs
What is ‘Plan B’ for tribes during a government shutdown?
Concerns rise as budget wrangles continue
Health cuts and Indian Country
Political swings change little in Medicare and other programs
A new standard for tribal and U.S. relations
Will Obama's lip service lead to real changes for treatment of tribes?
Cobell, settled at last
Federal government finally accounts for money mismanagement of tribal nations.
So goes Alaska...goes Indian Country
Can other tribes become political power players?
A new article of faith: don't make the poor balance the budget
Eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit only penalizes the poor
We, the American people, are united by our divisions
Can we ever reach consensus?
What will the Indian health system look like?
Answers are up to us
A fast year
Lessons from the Indian Health System
"Government-run" no longer defines the Indian health system
Private networks step in to Western tribal systems
The data story: How much? How many?
And, by the way, who’s an Indian?
Do you need to see a doctor? Queue up.
What will the impact of physician shortages be on Indian Health Services?
Measuring progress in Native health
Has the Indian Health Service been an effective, government-run delivery system?
A promise kept
Congress and President deliver on improvements to Indian health system
In Alaska, a health care model for the nation
Nuka tribal healthcare system thrives with "customer/owners."
Seek bliss ... and work together
Lessons from the Indian health system.
Health care reform helps tribes
A big boost in resources for Indian Country
The debate that drags on
The Indian Health Care Improvement Act has been pending since 1999.
Taxing the logic of tribal health benefits
Another weird glitch in the Indian Health Service.
Exempting Native Americans from the mandate
Why Indians shouldn't have to buy health insurance.
Back to the future: Public Health hospitals
Time to look back at effective government health programs.
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