Items by Jim Stiles

Cantankerous and contradictory: Remembering Ed Abbey
Ten years after Ed Abbey's death, a Moab writer remembers the man as complex and cantankerous - an "honest hero," with a sense of humor and a fierce love for the canyon country he so often wrote about.
A little sarcasm, a lot of love
The writer takes a fond, tongue-in-cheek look at tourists in Moab, Utah.
In the New West, herds of cattle are being replaced by hordes of tourists
An essay about changes in Moab, Utah, describes how tourism affects the town.
In Utah, pavers hit speed bump
In yet another chapter of the Sagebrush Rebellion in southeastern Utah, two rural counties are trying to a force the federal government to allow construction of the Book Cliffs Highway across some of the state's wildest land.
Rangers are dangerous: Do not annoy or feed them
This is a practical survival guide to the national parks, with down-to-earth advice on how to co-exist with park rangers.
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