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Mud Woman Rolls On
Denver Art Museum to open renovated American Indian galleries
The latest: Wyoming Range
The latest: Wyoming Range
PXP will be allowed to develop 136 gas natural gas wells in the Wyoming Range.
Happy New Year, pronghorn!
New Wyoming wildlife crossings may help antelope
The BLM's conservation experiment
The BLM's conservation experiment
Interior Secretary Ken Salazar tells the BLM to get serious about managing the National Landscape Conservation System.
Super mouse to the rescue
The threatened Preble's meadow jumping mouse gains ground in Colorado
Compromise in the Wyoming Range
Sportsmen convince energy company to strengthen environmental protections by promising to support development
High Country Views: Anticline deer decline
High Country Views: Anticline deer decline
Emilene Ostlind talks with former federal biologist Rollin Sparrowe about energy development on the Pinedale Anticline and its impact on wildlife.
The supposedly protected Wyoming Range faces new energy development
The supposedly protected Wyoming Range faces new energy development
Roughnecks and hunters are fighting plans to drill for natural gas in the Hoback-Noble Basin of the Wyoming Range.
Goldilocks and the three bears
Is bear conservation in the face of climate change just a fairy tale?
Our forest
Our forest
Hunters in Wyoming's Noble Basin protest proposed gas drilling
What to do with all that carbon?
If Congress ignores it, maybe it will go away
Pop quiz: What national conservation land is nearest you?
The "sportsman's Park Service" turns 10, looks ahead
Draining the tub
Draining the tub
Lake Mead has dropped below its record low, and the reservoir's future does not look good.
Oh deer
Mule deer numbers plummet in the Pinedale Anticline natural gas field
Squeezing trees
New data show how U.S. forests store carbon
Fortification or sacrifice?
The hidden cost of relying on natural gas as a bridge fuel
Who's terrorizing who?
Rural residents feel threatened by Air Force training area expansions
Grazing takes the heat
Federal courts favor conservationists in two cases
More surprises flow from Ruby Pipeline
A followup to our recent story
Beyond beefalo
Beyond beefalo
New technology finds cattle DNA lurking in bison once thought purebred.
Out of breath
The EPA postpones strengthening ozone limits to protect public health
"Lines Across the Sand"
The Monkey Wrench Gang comes to the silver screen
Surprises flow from Ruby Pipeline
Surprises flow from Ruby Pipeline
A conservation fund provided by an energy company enrages ranchers across Oregon, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming.
Welcome back, otter
Welcome back, otter
River otters are once again doing well in Colorado.
Quarry quandary
Mercury-rich limestone makes meeting new cement plant emission standards a challenge
New law empowers tribal justice systems
Obama signs the Tribal Law and Order Act
Crime crackdown in Indian Country
Crime crackdown in Indian Country
A federal attempt to improve public safety on four reservations has gotten off to a rocky start.
The Heart of the Beast
Conservation groups target Powder River Basin coal in fight against climate change
HCN rocks with eTown
HCN rocks with eTown
ETown will honor High Country News at a concert by Lyle Lovett and Taj Mahal; new interns Denver Nicks, Emilene Ostlind and Adam Petry.
Shutting down the batcave
Rocky Mountain caves may be closed to protect bats
Calm before the storm
Western Guvs outline strategies for adapting to a warming West.
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