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Let's Put a Bounty on Stupid
Utah's costly anti-coyote effort is one of several biologically bankrupt schemes cooked up by Sportsmen for Wildlife
Climate debate hearkens back to days of the bison
Scientists' warnings, greedy special interests, a confused public: The climate change fight reflects efforts to save the bison 100 years ago
Boy Scout habitat takes a hit in Idaho
The Idaho Panhandle National Forest is in retreat over its longstanding support for the Mallard-Larkin Wilderness
Alaska wildlife woes raise red flags "outside"
Fish and Game scandal demonstrates growing influence of cronyism and big money in American wildlife policy
Montana is full.
The state is expected to reach a million residents in 2012 -- there's debate on if that's a good thing or not
The Water Buffalo Postulate
A soldier's encounter with an angry buffalo in the Vietnam War taught him to put life's challenges in perspective.
Two Ronalds: Ron Paul and Ronald McDonald
Love him or hate him, Ron Paul's libertarians have moved the political conversation to the right.
Dead wolf sprouts wings
An anti-wolf e-mail hoax of a Big Bad Killer Wolf allegedly from Utah strains credibility
At Drake's Bay, real heroes have long term vision
At Pt. Reyes, National Park Service is challenged to protect America's natural treasures.
Rhetoric around wolves clouds reality
Some hot-heads want to eradicate wolves, but data indicate they are far from the majority
A tale of two maulings
Hot pepper, not hot lead, may be a hunter’s best choice for grizzly defense
Beware of wolves cloaked in "access"
Beware of wolves cloaked in "access"
The so-called Wilderness and Roadless Release Act promises greater access to public lands, but will actually end up harming the wild lands most Westerners love.
Time to get serious about fun!
We need more young Americans having fun in the Great Outdoors
Beware of wolves cloaked in "access"
Industry exploits sportsmen's demand for access -- undermining what they hold dear.
10 years post September 11: Keeping America free and open
A vacation to Canada raises questions about our nation, a decade later
Religious Intolerance Plays Role in Presidential Politics
A recent poll hints that voters of both parties have anti-LDS bias.
Lewis, Clark and Darwin
Evolutionary science opens windows into the history of the American West
Famous or obscure, our rivers are priceless
Famous or obscure, our rivers are priceless
The oil spill on the Yellowstone River is just one of too many disasters caused by our addiction to petroleum.
Conservation has become a core American value
Conservation has become a core American value
Conservation was a surprising winner at many local and state levels.
Nothing "wise" about advocating poaching
Nothing "wise" about advocating poaching
No matter how much you hate wolves, you don't have the right to "shoot, shovel and shut up."
Love wilderness? Thank a veteran
Love wilderness? Thank a veteran
Some of the environmental movement’s greatest heroes were also heroes of World War II.
Don’t be afraid of the big bad bears
Ben Long says the National Park Service is practically “bear-anoid,” the way it constantly warns tourists about newly awakened bears when there are so many other, more common dangers in the great outdoors.
Feeling crowded around here? It is!
The writer says our rapid population growth has put heavy pressure on Western wild places
Science vs. science fiction — get it straight
The decision of the Association of Petroleum Geologists to give novelist Michael Crichton its "Journalist of the Year" award for his anti-global warming thriller State of Fear can only increase public cynicism about science and scientists
National Parks are truly under the gun
Reporter Ben Long says the evidence is on the ground: Our national parks aren't getting the money they need
We all lose when scientists sell their credibility
The writer says Michael Crichton does not deserve a journalism award from scientists for his book, State of Fear, about global warming
The Endangered Species Act is a roaring success
The writer looks to the air to see just one success of the Endangered Species Act
Lewis and Clark trout at 200
The writer hails the cutthroat trout, a fish that Lewis and Clark enjoyed eating 200 years ago
Montana’s Marlboro men get ready to bite the dust
The writer says responsibility is beginning to replace diehard individualism in Montana
Wolf opponents just don’t get it
The writer wades into the dispute over wolves in the West, marshalling facts to overcome prejudice against the animals
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