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A trickle of hope
A report by a team of Mexican and U.S. researchers working with the Environmental Defense Fund, "A Delta Once More: Restoring Riparian and Wetland Habitat in the Colorado River Delta," offers suggestions for reviving a struggling ecosystem.
A bighorn dilemma
The New Mexico Game Commission plans to kill up to 34 mountain lions a year in an attempt to bolster the state's dwindling population of desert bighorn sheep.
A river too warm
Environmentalists say that warm wastewater from a pulp and paper mill in Lewiston, Idaho, is harmful to endangered salmon, steelhead and bull trout in the Snake River.
BIA told to get organized
A new report, "A Study of Management and Administration: The Bureau of Indian Affairs," gives the beleaguered BIA advice about how to get itself back on track.
Grant program gives greens GIS
The Conservation Technology Support Program is offering Geographic Information Systems grants to environmental groups.
Tree-sitters and timber company celebrate
A land swap set up by Plum Creek Timber Co., the Forest Service and eight environmental groups will protect some of the last old growth remaining in Washington's Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
Mining may need some brakes
The Mineral Policy Center's new report, "Six Mines, Six Mishaps," says that outmoded mining regulations can be environmental disasters, while the National Academy of Sciences' report, "Hardrock Mining on Federal Lands," defends the existing laws.
Keeping Glacier Park intact
The Park Service has completed a new General Management Plan that will guide resource management in Glacier National Park for the next few decades.
A lasting chemical legacy
The video, "A Toxic Train Runs Through It," investigates the long-lasting health impacts of a 1996 trail derailment and toxic chemical spill in Alberton, Montana.
Wolff campaigns for wolves
Pat Wolff's multi-media presentation, "Stop the War on Wildlife," aims to convince audiences that government predator control is "wasteful, biologically unsound and not cost-effective."
A road-ripper's report
"The Road-Ripper's Guide to Wildland Road Removal" details the harm roads do, the benefits of removal and the best techniques to accomplish road removal.
USFS plans for more planning
The Forest Service is looking for public comments on its draft proposal for reshaping the 15-year management plans that guide the national forests.
The Wayward West
ASARCO merges with Grupa Mexico; illegal road through Vail wetland closed; billionaire helps conservationists buy Loomis State Forest; Bruce Babbitt and Gov. Mike Leavitt agree to outline of Rep. Jim Hansen's wilderness bill; Utah black-footed ferrets.
Judge topples small timber sales
A federal judge's ruling against the Forest Service's "categorical exclusion" provision, which had allowed smaller timber sales without environmental assessments, hurts small-scale loggers, sawmill workers and owners, such as Allen Todd of Hotchkiss, CO.
Powerful Images at the Heard Museum
The Heard Museum in Phoenix, Ariz., is planning three major exhibits on Indian culture for the year 2000.
The Wayward West
Washington state raises price of Loomis forest; Colorado's Black Canyon of the Gunnison Nat'l Monument to become nat'l park; government buys out Andalex's coal leases in Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante Nat'l Monument; Bruce Babbitt will not be indicted.
A man to match our mountains
Legendary mountaineer and outdoor educator Paul Petzoldt, who founded the National Outdoor Leadership Training School (NOLS) and the Wilderness Education Association, has died at the age of 91.
Recreation drives a forest
A draft for the 15-year management plan for Colorado's White River National Forest has sparked controversy from everyone, from Vail Resorts and ATV operators to some environmental groups.
Resort may crowd Mount Rainier
Locals and environmentalists are concerned about development plans for a 400-acre resort right next to Mount Rainier National Park and the little town of Ashford, Wash.
The Wayward West
Idaho Lt. Gov. Butch Otter fined for dredging wetlands without permit; Jon Marvel outbids millionaire for grazing parcels; Wyo. ranch manager gets permit to kill wolves; Mark Alldredge abandons mining claims on Rocky Mtn. Front; Blue Ribbon Coalition.
Glen Canyon unplugged
Michael Collier's photos will be shown as part of the Glen Canyon Institute's fifth annual fall conference.
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