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Crow tribe lays claim to elk
The Crow Tribe plans to capture 550 elk that roam from its Montana reservation down into Wyoming, and critics say that the tribe's foray into game ranching is a plan to steal the public's wildlife.
Disease is wasting the West's wild herds
Chronic wasting disease is slowly spreading among the West's deer and elk herds, and some fear that game farms are partly to blame for the transmission of the deadly disease.
Give me a home where the engines roar
Race-car driver Travis Panko's plan to build a race track on a ranch near Stevensville, Mont., has many of his Bitterroot Valley neighbors incensed.
Strangling the Last Best River
The Yellowstone River is still the longest undammed river in the Lower 48, but miles of riprap on its banks lock the river into a channel that is more a rain gutter than a free-flowing river.
The Pacific Yew: Chasing a cancer cure with a chainsaw
During the height of the boom in harvesting Pacific yew trees for the cancer-curing taxol in their bark, a logger wrestles with ambiguous feelings about the trees he is felling for money.
The Rocky Mountain Front faces new oil-and-gas threat
Blackfeet Indians argue over the planned oil and gas exploration on Chief Mountain, on the border between the reservation and Glacier National Park.
On a Montana ranch, big game and big problems
On the Big Velvet Ranch near Darby, Mont., the controversial practices of "pay-to-shoot" elk hunting and antler harvesting come under investigation and attack.
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