Items by Betsy Marston

World's largest sand trap
Golf-ball-pitching park patron doesn't understand "leave no trace" ethic.
Foxy golfer
Colorado man discovers the culprit behind his missing golf balls.
Fall break
Fall break
HCN's fall break; a High Country News potluck picnic; visitors; giving due credit for a photo.
Magical encounter
Ninth annual fairy fete a "wonder"-ful event.
Commuter commune
Phoenix's new light-rail system offers "cool" new venue to community.
Suspicious habit
Innocent man confuses cops by hiding.
"Go ahead, make my EPA"
Agency gets the lead out to stop polluters.
Enlightened llama
Animal dies in two cruel and unusual ways.
PETA pushing for cute and fuzzy name for California State Park
"God ain't a great co-pilot"
Christopher Hitchens preaches atheism to Air Force cadets.
Scrounging in Seattle
Errant bear spends a few nights on the town.
Soused in the saddle
Colorado man cited for riding under the influence.
Houseboaters beware
The Colorado River begins to emerge from Lake Mead -- with a vengeance.
Use and abuse at Colorado's Conundrum Hot Springs.
Land of many uses?
Here's a new one for Old Faithful.
The love that shall not be named
In Colo., veganism turns vulgar.
What a blast
Homebrew biofuels can be a perilous pastime.
It's picturesque, preserve it!
Crested Butte: trapping tourists... with trash?
With pipedreams for plumbing
Another "sustainable" mansion slides down the tubes.
It's (really) not about the bike
Keeping recreation real in Colorado.
Borne on the wind
But this eco-friendly car won't be quite so swift.
Drop-dead bargains
At one Colorado cemetery, dying just got a little less lonely.
Get angry... or get a squeegee
University of Washington president busts out the rhetoric.
Yes, you might
Arizona State earns an "F" in presidential relations.
Déjà poo
In Wash., a 13-year pollution investigation comes to a surprising end.
And window seats for all
Western wildlife sure knows how to travel.
So, this bobcat walks into a bar...
Chaos comes to Cottonwood, Ariz.
The cat's meow
Used Spokane sofa packs a surprise.
Back from the outback
Jim Stiles returns to Utah and the Canyon Country Zephyr goes digital.
Salmonid stanzas
Fishermen trade couplets at the mouth of the Columbia.
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